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Interview with Pavy

Most interviews don’t start off like this, but how are you doing today?

Lol it isn’t but it’s all good just sitting watching movies drinking my scotch hope all is well on your side also.


If someone came up to you in the street and asked “What do you do”? What would you say?

I usually say “I make music” because it’s such a bad stigma that comes when you say “I rap” and I would really appreciate if people listen to the music and then judge me so yeah. I say I make music.

What motivated you to become a music artist?

Troubles like I’m a only child and I live with my grandmother so it was never anybody to talk to. Plus I love attention and it’s something I never really got at home so it was a way to gain attention & relieve my stress and just put my mind out there.

Can you tell us about your creative process, how do you go about creating songs?

Depends usually it starts with a idea and goes from there. As far as writing usually I create the hook first then the verses later. Sometimes it’s the other way around but usually it’s the hook first.

You have worked with Sir Michael Rocks, The Boy Illinois and producer Paris Bueller! How were those experiences! 

Well I didn’t actually met Mikey until we shot the video so it was really just a business decision but when I met him he was really cool and humble and that kind of surprised me. Illi is my homie man that’s like legit my big bro so it’s just like working with family every time I work with him I honestly look up to him so I always wanna make sure my bars or whatever don’t disappoint. But we have a whole lot of songs together like stuff you guys haven’t even heard yet. Paris was great as well man he came through and made the beat on sight after he listen to a couple records to get a feel for my music. I really appreciated that because a lot of producers won’t do that ESP someone with the accolades of him. So that was great man that record is one of the singles on my album so look forward to hearing that really soon.

Who are some of the artists that you admire in the music game?

Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Kanye West & Future.


We have a saying #DOWHATYOUDESIRE, how does that apply to you and what you do?

I just do what I want, like I realized the best way to “fit in” is to not worry so much about what people accept so whatever I feel like doing that’s what I do. Basically I “do what I desire”

Where can we find out more about you? Website? Facebook? Twitter? 

@Pavyworld on Twitter & IG & Pavy on Facebook

Interview with Giftz

Most interviews don’t start off like this, but how are you doing today?

I’m just coolin man…just coolin

If someone came up to you in the street and asked “What do you do”? What would you say?

I would tell them that I’m an artist…a very good one at that lol!


What motivated you to become a music artist?

Lil Wayne and Jay Z motivated me to become an artist. Growing up the first rap music I ever heard was from the Hot Boys and I was amazed that Lil Wayne being so young could be so good…I was introduced to Jay z after and the way he painted a picture was second to none…I just figured if they could do it…I could do it too

Can you tell us about your creative process, how do you go about creating songs?

My process is simple…it’s hard for me to write without hearing the beat first…when I hear the beat if I have to struggle to figure out what I should talk about over the beat I feel like I shouldn’t use it…once I figure out where I’m going with the song the rest is history

You have worked with King L, Rockie Fresh and Freddie Gibbs! How were those experiences! 

A lot of weed smoke! Honestly I look up to each one of those guys for different reasons so being able to get in the studio and work with them was dope! I like working with artist that have experienced the things that I know I’ll run into in the future…it gives me a chance to pick their brains and get some insight on this industry! All of those dudes are funny as hell though…

Who are some of the artists that you admire in the music game?

I admire anybody that’s making moves and getting some money doing what they love! Jay Z, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne…it’s hella people I could name.


Do you have any current projects that you are working on that you can tell us about?

Im working on my next full length album…I’m not sure if I’ll keep the title I came up with right now but that’s coming soon! Other than that I have the EP Back To The Basics 2 coming this year as well…I also have another EP I’m working on with one of my homies…it’s so unexpected though I think I’ll keep that one under wraps for a little while longer

We have a saying #DOWHATYOUDESIRE, how does that apply to you and what you do?

It fits me perfectly…because I do whatever the hell I wanna do!

Where can we find out more about you? Website? Facebook? Twitter? 

Instagram: YoungGiftzFOC
Twitter: YoungGiftzFOC

Interview with Motivational Text Queen Allynn Taylor

Most interviews don’t start off like this, but how are you doing today?
LOL. Well sometimes you have to shake things up, its what makes life fun! All is well today. I hope the same for you.
If someone came up to you in the street and asked “What do you do”? What would you say?
I would tell that person that I am a life coach and an aspiring talk show host. Followed by asking them do they know what a life coach is because  most people don’t lol.
You have a great motivational good morning text service, that I am apart of, I love it! What inspired you to do this?
Aww I’m so happy that you enjoy them. Thank you. What inspired me to send out the texts started off last summer in July. A friend of mine would send motivational quotes every now and then to get us through our day and I decided to send some to 5 of my close friends. Instead of just sending a quote I also wrote a small little passage on how I summed up the quote and would send them to my  friends everyday. From there, they forwarded their texts I sent to other friends, and then their friends or family members asked if they can get added. So I decided to start a motivational text list and by September I had over 100 people to join from word of mouth and social media. From the amount of positive feedback, I knew I had a gift because so many people told me the texts are really helping them get through life problems and they also correlate what I try to practice daily. Next thing you know to this day I have 500 people on my list and I’m hoping for more!
What do you feel society is lacking in todays digital world?
Society is most definitely lacking unity. We tend to pre-judge people and cast them away based off what we’ve heard from others or what we think we know instead of giving someone a chance. I myself have been guilty of such things but try to do better about that.
How important are relationships aka real-lationships to you? (I mean dating, co-workers, neighbors, etc).
Relationships are VERY important to me. No matter who they are in my life. My goal is for ALL of my relationships to be harmonious. When you have good people around you to support and uplift you, it makes life so much easier. But in order for us to have the harmonious relationships we desire, we must be that person we’re asking from others to be.
We have a saying #DOWHATYOUDESIRE, how does that apply to you and what you do?
I’m an advocate of doing what you desire. Each person on this Earth has a gift and purpose. Most people don’t realize that or simply don’t care. When you find things you enjoy doing it brings such a positive light to your life and spirit. With me, doing what I desire is being in the process of becoming a certified life coach as well as helping others with challenges they may face in life. I love for everyone to be happy and find their true meaning for them being on this Earth. Happy people = Happy world!
Where can we find out more about you? And how can someone sign up to this motivational text service?!

Right now the best place to find me is on twitter which is or simply emailing me which is If anyone wants to sign up for my motivational text list they can simply @ me on twitter or shoot me an email and just like that they will be added to my motivational text list!

Amerikas Addiction + #DOWHATYOUDESIRE @ KING L’s Drilluminati 2 Private Listening Session


Amerikas Addiction + #DOWHATYOUDESIRE were invited to KING L’s Drilluminati 2 Private Listening Session at Lacuna Lofts in Chicago, IL! It was DJ’d by DJ PHARRIS + DJ VICTORIOUZ + DJ IBHAPPY and was sponsored by SWANK Publishing, Fake Shore Drive, Lawless Inc and Too Dope Chicks. Also CIROC kept the drinks flowing for the whole spot!

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All in all, the event was dope as hell! The music was banging! The scenery was peaceful and there were some of Chicago’s hottest artists, dj’s, movers & shakers and socialites in the building! And then…there was us- Amerikas Addiction + #DOWHATYOUDESIRE aka Josh and Dave! Check out some of our photograph’s from the event with KING L, GLC, Katie Got Bandz, Lil Mouse, Briahnna from Swank Publishing, Ashley Simon from Swank Publishing and many more!

#DWYD + #D2


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Interview with 3Tre


Whats up 3tre?! I always start off my interviews by asking how is your day going?

Dope man… I try not to let nothing get to me. Every time somebody sees me they get the same answer.

If someone came up to you in the street and asked “Who Are You”? What would you say to them?

I’m great! Lol … a lot of times I tell people I’m a superstar. I’m a musician, a businessman, and a hard worker. Sounds cliche, but when you spend so much of your time doing 1 or 2 things, that’s how you define yourself.

I read that you completed your first project back in 2009. How do you feel you have grown as an artist in the past 5 years?

Personally, I matured a lot. Professionally, I learned how to present my ideas more fluid. During the time in between I understood some of the key mistakes I made in those records, and now understand enough that I was able to implement my life experiences more cohesively into better songs. My best selection flew through the roof too (shout out Beau, Coop & Dee Lilly)


I am currently listening to your newest release “Identity”. I am currently really digging the entire project. What do you want people to feel when they listen to “Identity”?

Thanks g! The album is called Identity because I feel this is the first album I was able to put this much of myself into, but I want people to walk away connecting to certain parts of the album. I’ve noticed a trend where most of the people I ask for opinions aren’t able to give the same critiques about the same tracks. That means different people can relate to tracks on entirely different levels. That’s why I chose to hit such a wide array of topics and feelings. I wanted to have at least one song that everyone could connect to.

My favorite tracks are “Like It” (pure club banger, I see twerking and lots of 1′s) and I also really dig “RNS” (very inspirational). Can you tell us about your creative process?

With Like it, no. I honestly have no idea how that record came about. It was just supposed to be more of a freestyle and it evolved into the record that everyone loves.

RNS on the other hand was supposed to be a song about the south-side of Chicago (where I grew up). After I saw where the first verse was going, I got the idea for the hook. In my mind it became, “this is where I am/was, but wait till you see where I’m about to be”.

Who are some of the producers and artists you have worked with? Want to work with?

Worked with: aside from those on my album, Beau Brenton (the other half of Black Rebel Music Club), C.O.O.P. And Asia Nicole, I worked with Titi Lokei, The Boy Illinois and Blink

Who I’d want to work with:
The dream – crazy dope talent.

Aside from that I don’t know. I’m an introvert in my creative process. Most of my best work is always done either by myself or with Beau.


We have a saying “#DOWHATYOUDESIRE” – how does that apply to you and your music career?

I’m from Chicago, you either have to be a drill rapper, or a hipster rapper to be accepted. I’m neither. I don’t care about precedents, I have a song on my album with two 16 bar hooks and one 12 bar verse. I just want to make dope music.

How can we find out more about you? Website? Facebook? Twitter?

Any last words of advice or inspiration for other artists trying to make it in the game?

Have fun with it. Without the fun, without enjoying what we do, it doesn’t matter. People can feel your passion, let it bleed trough.

Thanks for the time g.


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Please share and spread the word about our Toy Drive and if you’d like to donate a NEW TOY or for more information pleas contact “ or call/text 414-745-6233 and we will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you all again for your support, it is greatly appreciated!