Interview with Jenny and Keishana from ROCKit Convo

Hey all of you beautiful ladies at ROCKit Convo! How is life treating you all? (I have to throw in some charm :) lol)

Jenny: heyyyy Joshua … Lol

Keishana: Josh, Lol. What’s crackin, my dude.

If a stranger walked up to you ladies on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your responses?

Jenny: That actually happens often, but usually it’s more like “what yall do? Yall a singing group or something”..  For the longest people everywhere we’d go assumed singing group. Lol

Keishana: I usually say, good question lemme think about that. Lol, Host Events, Red Carpet interviews, maintain a platform where we can elevate similar brands, businesses and people.. Among other things of course!unnamed-2

Can you tell us about how you got involved in media? What were your influences to pursue creating your own show?

Jenny: well my mom was a teacher and my father a musician. I always knew that I wanted to have influence, empower and be in entertainment. My first experience was through radio. I went through radio broadcasting training and interned at the #1 station for hip hop and r&b. Keishana has radio production experience and is a natural on camera. So Key actually brought the idea of creating a show up.

I’ve actually always been in media, as a young girl, I participated in stage plays, traveled greater Illinois performing an HIV awareness play through the archdiocese. My influence came from my heart, to really gives my voice a platform. I have a pretty good understanding of people so I knew we needed the right niche to grab people’s attn, that was the easy part. Keeping their attn and continuing to be relevant is the where the work comes in.

You all are very driven, creative & passionate. Where does this energy come from?

Jenny: thank you so much. From my early childhood years seeing my dad live his life following his dream and doing what he loved, I knew that I too could grow up to pursue and do whatever I wanted. He was a blues singer. Trust me the struggles of a musician isn’t easy, but he always kept going. So because of him.. I keep going.

Keishana: honestly, everything that I have comes from God. He gives me creative ideas and witty inventions, he tells me to push and when to rest. So apart from him I’m dry… A withered fruit, but connected I’m attached to a well that never runs dry.
I was told ROCKit Convo was a show that was created to empower, enlighten and entertain. Can you tell us how you all make sure this is executed? Take us into a day of the life of ROCKit Convo?

Jenny: sure. Rockit started as solely a talk show created to open healthy dialogue and share our different perspectives & experiences to encourage each other. We believe that through therapeutic conversation people can get healed, get hope and find happiness. As our viewership started to grow, we’ve been getting great feedback. Our vision became too large to be contained on set. We decided to transition into a lifestyle show and take our viewers with us as we live pursue our passions and brand out loud in hopes it will encourage & empower them to do the same.
Keishana: a day in the life kinda goes as follows… What do we have for topics? We then run through topics. Are those interesting enough ? Is it a current or trending topic? How will it be perceived? Is it relatable and from their we take roles … The empowerment piece comes through our personalities. We empower our point of view. So once that’s down, we bring it together to enlighten. Folks may disagree with both of us, but they will at least be able to perceive a  a new school of thought.

You ladies have met a lot of intriguing personalities, can you tell us some of your most memorable moments?

Jenny:  My most memorable moment so far was probably doing our first red carpet coverage at the fashion and arts humanity fete. So many amazing people there being celebrated for their work in the community.

Keishana: Nathan Palmer was probably my favorite and that’s probably Because I got a chance to be a hip hop head. The interview and learning was great, but being able to zone out and enjoy a good performance was even better.
What has been Rock It Convo’s biggest disappointment in pursuing your passion? How about your greatest triumph? What is your next big goal?!

Jenny: My biggest disappointments in the journey so far has become  some of my best lessons. I don’t want to be too specific because I don’t like to speak negatively. Lol

My greatest triumph is seeing Key and I still here grinding, growing and succeeding.

Keishana: One of our biggest disappointments was entering business negotiations with persons whom we hadn’t vetted. It makes simple things very difficult.

Our greatest triumph is for ppl to recognize our brand and know we are media correspondents even when we arrive to simply show support.

Our next big goal, is to become the city’s #1 sought after media correspondents
We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD, how does that apply to you all and your lifestyle?

Jenny: your mantra applies to Rockit on the sense of we’re doing what we desire. We’re doing what feeds our spirit and soul. Our show is a platform where we encourage you to do the same. Do what will make you happy.

Keishana: Jenny said it best … We were regular women that decided one day that existing wasn’t enough. We needed to live!
Are there any last words that you’d like to give to anyone that is pursuing their passion, instead of just a “9 to 5″?

Jenny: Well some people truly enjoy their 9-5. So whether you’re 9-5, self-employed, student or whatever, make sure you’re doing what makes you feel alive, appreciated and fulfilled.

Keishana: fear is the only thing standing in your way. Fear of failing, fear of being shamed! Plan your steps carefully, have an understanding of where you want to go and what it takes to get there. If you believe in God, trust him and lastly, JUMP! Take that leap and know jobs will be here forever

Are there any shout outs that you ladies would like to give?!

Jenny: I’m not good at shout outs. Lol big shout out to everyone that has been supporting us and believe in us. We appreciate every follow, tweet, inbox, view, interview.. Etc. it means so much to us. You’re the real mvp.. Lol

Keishana: what Jenny said lol. But also big thank you to our MUA.. RebekahChanel and lybartistry, Alvin Elmore our videographer, Craig Harris for mentoring us, our families and friends who are extremely supportive and we’re gonna shout ourselves! Always celebrate you! :) lol

Where can we find out more about ROCKit Convo? Websites? IG? Twitter? FaceBook?
Twitter & IG: RockitConvo
Facebook: Rockit Conversation
YouTube: Rockit Conversation

Interview with Swedish Pop Star Mizgin

Pic 4
Good Day Mizgin! How is everything in the music world?

Good day! Everything is great, just in the studio working on my album everyday!

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”

It’s simple, I’m an artist. It’s something that I live for more than something that I do. I remember being really, really young, and I was watching a concert on TV. I looked at the singer and I just knew that I was going to be that. I think that was before I could even talk!

Tell me more about career? How long have you been doing music? What have been your biggest accomplishments? Biggest setbacks? How did you overcome them?

I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember, but my first release was in 2013 with my promotional single Get You Off. It was #1 on iTunes in Sweden the day after it got released, which was super cool! But to be honest I don’t really focus on accomplishments or setbacks. I’m always thinking how to get better and move forward and not what happened in the past.

Your biggest song and video is “Get You Off” (which has become quite controversial), I actually just recently discovered it, I dig it a lot. How was that song concept and video created? Take us into your mind while creating it!

The concept came from the song, which is obviously very sexy. I feel the song should create the music video because I want the video to give the song a face. My team and I shared some ideas with the director, and the rest is history.

You have a natural sexuality in your music and image, which I find empowering and more people in general should embrace it. But I also noticed it has caused some controversy. What are your thoughts on women and sexuality? Are we behind as a society?

I don’t think that we are behind when it comes to women and sexuality, I think a lot of women are open about their sexuality today, but just like you said, it causes controversy. That’s the problem. Would it cause the same controversy if a man would do it?

How important is social media and actually talking to your fans been in elevating your career Mizgin?

I think that social media is very important. It’s definitely the easiest way to have a relationship with your fans. You can share pictures, thoughts and much more with each other. It becomes a personal experience between me and the fans.

Can you tell us about any new projects that you are working on? Who are you working with?

I am actually about to release my new single very soon. I’m really excited about that! And I’m working hard every day on finishing my debut album.

We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your music?

Do what you desire is the coolest saying. That’s not only how I do my music, that’s how I live my life. It’s simple and easy. If you’re here to live for other people, or to seek approval from them, then you are not living your life to the fullest. You have one life to do what you desire.

How can we find out more about you and your music online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?


Instagram­ @IAmMizgin

Twitter­ @officialMizgin
Are there any last words of wisdom or advice?

Thank you so much for your time! Do what you desire!

Interview with Lua Proc

Whats up Lua Proc? How is life treating you?

Man life is treating me good I can”t complain.

If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your response?

I would tell them I am a rapper that is in the music business.

Can you tell us about how you got into the rap game? What are your influences to pursue this?

I got into the rap game by learning about the business and working with other labels previously as artist and ceo.

My passion of music gave me the influence to pursue the rap game.


How would you describe your style & music? Do you feel Pittsburgh has a sound? Has it influenced your sound?

I would sum up my style of music as reality rap a little bit of street , club , and radio
Yes , Pittsburgh definitely has a sound the industry has been using it for years with Bad Boy and Deathrow Records. I come from the soil of Pittsburgh, so the sound surrounding me has definitely been a influence.

I just listened to your new single “Money” and I gotta admit its a BANGER! How did you come up with this one?

My single “Money” came from the heart while I was driving around my city of Pittsburgh honestly, the lyrics just came to mind and the rest is the banger you listened to.

Who are some of the people that you have worked with?

I have worked with producers Stevie B, Banger, Mike Dugan, James Webb, and artist such as Kevin Gates, Juvenile, Young Buck , BG, Asco, Bricks, Owey, etc

What has been your biggest disappointment in your passion? How about your greatest triumph? What is your next big goal?!

My biggest disappointment has been competing with a lot of garbage music in rotation,

My greatest triumph is a work in progress.

My next goal is to turn my own label into an empire for the fans and peers to receive the same .


We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD, how does that apply to you and your life?

I do what I desire by giving my true self to my music and also life choices .

Are there any last words that you’d like to give to anyone that is pursuing rap as a career?

Keep working, stay dedicated, and put your money where your mouth is , hard work pays off.

Interview with Creative Brand Strategist Tamra Simmons


Most interviews don’t start like this, but how are you feeling today Tamra Simmons?

Well today I am extremely tired because I just came back from the SXSW 2015 in Austin, TX and we just got off the tour bus. I took an artist I manage on tour and other artists opened up for him at SXSW so it was 15 of us.

Ok, so the people want to know about you? So, if someone on the street came up to you and asked “What do you do”? What would you say?

I usually would tell them what I don’t do because it’s easier than saying all that I do. (haha). But in seriousness I bridge opportunities for entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities and companies. What I like to do is use my corporate background and bridge the gap between the corporate world and entertainment.

What inspired you to pursue a career in branding and the entertainment industry?

I didn’t really pursue a career in branding. I started studying social media marketing on my own for ten years just because I read about 9 books a week (call me a nerd) but I have a thirst for knowledge. I was an arbitrator for fortune 500 companies and I just quit my 9-5 career for 9 years to start my own company because I seen a need for it within the entertainment industry. So I started doing social media marketing for companies and then one artist. After my company completed the campaign for the artist the music industry came after me. It started chasing me and I just stood there like, “you need me” and from there it’s history.

Explain to us, how important is branding is to a person and or a company?

Branding is the most important component for a person and/or a company. People do not understand the different between marketing and branding. Branding defines who you are. This is what people will know you for. It defines who you are. Marketing is what you do.

Can you take me into your mind when you are doing an event or working on a brand? Do you feel any anxiety? Or do you feel total confidence?

I’m an OCD kind of person so everything needs to be structured and organized. Once I create a system and we run within the parameters of that system all the events run smooth. It really just depends on the nature of the event. Some events I’m anxious for them to come and go because my stress level is a 20 on a scale of 1-10. Other events I’m like this is a breeze I just hope the people show up. So either way I’m somewhat confident and stressed. with the event and the events that are being held. Can we say I’m confidently stressed? (laughs).

Ok, I am going to get personal, how does one blur the line between a “brand” or “branding” and “reality”? Is there a difference? Where does a brand become “real”?

A brand is reality. There is no difference. Picture this, you slice an apple down the middle, right? There’s always going to be a right side, a left side and the seeds in the middle. Without the seed(s) the apple would never have grew into an apple, right? Ok just stay with me…So if the seed was never planted, the water was never poured onto the seed, you wouldn’t be able to hold an apple (in reality) in your hand to even slice down the middle. That’s the same with branding, without planting the seed of branding no one knows who you are and what you stand for.

Many people don’t realize how truly driven one has to be to pursue being an entrepreneur? Where does your passion come from?

Yes you have to be very passionate and focused. My true passion comes from the universe and my clients. The more I see their dreams coming true the more passion I bleed. It’s like their dreams are in my hands so I have to continue to transfuse passion, faith and dedication to them to keep their dreams alive.

We have a way of life called “Do What You Desire”, what does that mean to you?

Simple. Do what makes you happy. At the end of the day all that matters is you and your happiness. Everything else can and will fall in line.

Do you have any shouts outs?

(Old School Huh…LOL) Of course..S/O to my Oakland Patriots (high school) and Tennessee State University Tigers (alma mater). Go Pats! Go Tigers!

Where can we check out some of your work or get in contact about your services Tamra?

You can follow me on all social media outlets Twitter, IG, Facebook @thetamrasimmons. You can check out my marketing and branding companies, Any questions or comments you can email We only accept positive vibes only! (haha) all other vibes will go to spam! #DWYD!!! Be blessed!


Interview with High You Clothing


I always start off by asking, how is everything in the world of High You Clothing?

Everything is great, thanks for asking.

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do Paul ?”

If someone asked me what I do I would tell them I make clothes.


Tell me more about your career? How long have you been designing clothing? What have been your biggest accomplishments? Biggest setbacks? How did you overcome them?

I started designing in 2010 on my computer when I would get bored in class, and launched High You Clothing in the fall of 2011. I have always been into clothing since I was very young. My mom was one of those moms who worked hard to make sure the kids were fresh and that stuck with me. The brands biggest accomplishments have been staying true to ourselves and never conforming. I also think the progression we have shown over the past 2 years has been a major accomplishment.
As far as setbacks go there has been too many, I can count 6 setbacks this month alone and its only the 9th haha, but like the old saying goes its not about how many times you fall its about how many times you get up. There is always going to be setbacks but with every set back theres a major comeback, sounds cliche I know, but setbacks allow you the chance to learn and grow from your experience. Keeping the mind state that you can’t lose, you can only learn is how we are able to overcome setback after setback. (good question)

I am very impressed by your designs, they look to have a very high quality street wear feel to them. How important is quality in the often over crowded fashion industry?

Thank you, quality is very important to us and our supporters. Without your product being at the best quality that you are able to provide you won’t last long in this industry. The reasoning for this is because as you mentioned the fashion industry being over crowded. A consumer is not going to give your brand many chances if the quality is not up to their standards. Quality can be a gift and a curse, considering the wave towards online shopping. It is hard to get the point across of how good the quality can be. This can in return hinder your approach because you’re spending time & money on making sure the garment is the best possible quality without the consumer being able to touch the goods. Leaving them to rely heavily on wording which can also effect buyer behavior. Nonetheless quality and customer service are at the top of my “To Do List” day in and day out.


You have a message with your clothing. You want to convey “emotion”. How do you do achieve that? Is any of the emotion inspired by the city of Detroit?

I achieve it by just reflecting on either past emotions or current emotions. If I feel a certain way about the police brutality currently happening I express it through a needle and carve it into garments. You get pieces like the PSA 2.0 Longsleeve Tee. And sometimes I’ll feel like reliving my childhood so I might go back to when my brother and I would play sega all day and use something like NBA JAM as my inspiration and you get pieces like the 16-BIT Duo Tee. Many times these emotions resonate with others and they are able to express their individuality through our pieces.
Detroit does inspire some emotion, when it does it’s usually sports themed coming from a dark place (meet the flockers tee).


Who are some of the more well known people to rock High You Clothing? How did that happen?

Some of the more well known people to rock High You Clothing have been Nas, Prodigy from Mobb Deep, Chuck Inglish, Charlamagne, Boldy James, Antwuan Dixon, the list is pretty long I could keep going and I appreciate everyone who has ever shown support well known or not. Most of it happened by either them reaching out, or me reaching out on social media, or word of mouth.

Can you tell us about any new projects or pieces that you are working on?

Yes, new headwear, socks, and Icon Pocket Series just came out as well as our new Boldy James collaboration. More spring pieces will be released throughout the season.


We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your music?

#DWYD applies to my everyday living. I don’t spend one day NOT doing what I desire. I desire to help people express their individualism through our garments.

How can we find out more about you and High You Clothing online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

Check us out at
@HighYouClothingCo on instagram
@HighYouClothing on twitter
HighYouClothing on facebook


Interview with Dutch-TheOmen


Good Day Dutch The Omen! How is everything in the fashion world?

It’s all Chic!!!

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”

I Dress people. Lol


What inspired you to become Wardrobe & Image Consultant and an entrepreneur?

What inspired me, I’ll like to say fashion inspired it. It was my way of freedom out the hood. As I grow up I realized that people get paid for dressing other people, I was with it then!

I gotta ask, where does the name “Dutch, The Omen” come from?

DutchTheOmen came from a t-shirt line I produced in high school called “DutchBagBillion” which I dropped after a year so I decided to keep the name Dutch and “TheOmen” came from me wearing all black so it just grew on me.


Who and What are some of the best “Images” in the world, in your opinion and why?

I live for Rita Ora, Solange, and Zendaya Colemen. These 3 are effortless, timeless and always daring.
I always feel as if they were sent by a god!

Who are some of your clients, if you can reveal?

I worked with the likes of Teyana Taylor, Dawn Richards and Bianca Golden, but Tink is my current client/muse.


We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your fashion business pursuits and how you live your life?

That’s a big influence in my life because I do what I want and what I feel. I don’t follow trends now.


How can we find out more about you and your stylings online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

Unfortunately my site is down for new updates. But I’m very live on IG and Twitter @ DutchTheOmen

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice?

Be forever chic and slay by any means! #ThatsAll


Request “#Fleek” by $killz


DWYD at Ebony Fashion Fair

Greetings All! Josh Scarver here!


As many of you know, I get to cover some awesome events! This time, I got to take in all of the style and grace of the art museum’s Ebony Fashion Fair Exhibit! As many of you know, Eunice Johnson, of the Johnson Publishing Empire put together a tour of fashion from all over the world, the thing that makes this unique, was that she was a African-American woman who desired and accomplished showing us in a positive, stylish, beautiful and empowering light. This was something that was totally new, there were no rules and regulations, just roadblocks, but that did not stop her from creating and succeeding, taking fashion and African American style and business to heights that no one could have predicted. Ebony Fashion Fair is truly an embodiment of what #DoWhatYouDesire #DWYD stands for!


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Interview with Brandan Toledo – Miami Beat Wave

B. Toledo 1Good Day Brandan Toledo! How is everything in the music world? 

What’s up #DWYD glad to be here with you guys. Crazy as usual! Working…Not sleeping…Working…Not Sleeping…Working.

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?” 

Most of the time I don’t tell people because “Everyone and there grandmother” is a artist or rapper and usually when I’m out I’m trying to enjoy myself. You’d probably catch me messing around telling people I was a astronaut or something. (Laughs) In a formal business introduction I would say I’m a music producer & CEO of Miami Beat Wave Productions.

B. Toledo 2

What inspired you to become a producer?

In my personal life, my grandmother was definitely my inspiration to get into music in general. She played the organ at church for over 20 years. I’ve been inspired to create music since I was in my middle school band. That’s where I learned to read music, play with other musicians etc. I didn’t know it was going to be my passion and career until around my high school days. When I was younger my mother would tell me “If you could study school books the way you remember music lyrics and melodies you could go to Harvard.” While all my friends were out doing what a typical 16 year old does, I was putting together a home studio in my bedroom.

Indirectly: Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, The Beatles, J Dilla, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones etc… Basically, I have learned from great artist that inspire me to push the creative limits.

Can you tell me about your first production experience with a artist? How did it make you feel?

One of my earliest production experiences with a larger artist and one I respected was with Ras Kass. We recorded a couple records one being “I Know I’ll Be Free” featuring one of ¡Mayday! mc’s Wrekonize. I remember this one vividly because we met in a club called Ink on South Beach and partied together before we even got in the studio. I used to go to the corner store with my headphones on bumping Ras when I was 15 so when I started producing professionally, working in the studio with him was surreal!

B. Toledo 3

Tell me more about Miami Beat Wave? What does that mean? What is the sound of Miami Beat Wave?

To me it was just a catchy name to go with for a company/production alias. Some people say it means a wave of beats coming toward you or flooding the industry with the Miami sound. I guess I will just leave that up to interpretation! The MBW sound is very versatile. Most people know the hard boiled hip hop sample mixed with live instruments sound. Then there is the pop/dance side that has the cookie cutter radio vibe. At the end of the day it’s whatever the artist & song calls for.

Who are some of the artists and other producers that you have worked with?

Most recently, Dj Efn’s album “Another Time” which released on March 3rd. Miami Beat Wave production credits included artist such as David Banner, Sizzla, N.O.R.E., Joel Ortiz, Crooked I, Fashwan, Kurupt, & Jon Connor. In 2014 MBW produced “Church Road” Ft. Pos of De La Soul on Wrekonize album “The War Within” and  “My Own Parade” on the recently released ¡MURSDAY! album, both achieved placement in the Top 200 on The American Billboard Charts. Scotty Boi Ft. Rick Ross -“So Fresh” for Scotty’s Mixtape “Tax Free” is one of the early tracks for MBW. Some of these artist work directly in the studio, some have been over the internet or through associates.

On the Pop/Dance side of things MBW created alongside of the Crushboys, “In Your Rhythm feat. Miami Beat Wave” and “In The Vip Ft. 2nyce” which made it to the DDC Top 40 Charts in Germany. MBW has even ventured into the video game and television market, contributing to Hudson Entertainment/Gaijinworks’, Nintendo DS, Title Miami Law, and a Solefly/Jordan shoe commercial.

B. Toledo 4

You are well respected and admired and have awards and accolades most would dream of. How important is having your business together for a producer or just music professional in general?

Probably the most important if you want to do music as a career. I believe so much in talent & skill which is great for art/music in general but they say in the music industry it’s 90% business 10% talent. If you don’t have the 10% talent you can pay ghostwriters and professionals who are talented to write your songs, teach you how to sing “Well enough”, dance etc…. (Laughs) Hate to think it or even say it but maybe at the end of the day it’s just all 100% business.

We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your production career and Miami Beat Wave?

Desire is the starting point of a goal. Wether it be to write a song, put it out, get signed to a label, make money etc…Whatever your dream or goal is, there has to be that desire in you. Also, most people would say I do what I desire in my personal life as well, so it applies to me in all aspects. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to live any other way.

How can we find out more about you and your stylings online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

To keep updated with all the new music, merch, and videos visit & @MiamiBeatWave on Twitter/Instagram.

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice? 

First off, I want to thank #DWYD for the interview. Living out your dreams is not the easiest thing to do. There are going to be a lot of bumps in the road but you need to take that as learning experiences and grow to become who you want to be. Turn that negative energy into strength and become more focused. Just live life man, create, love, learn, and let’s keep pushing the limits of music & art!

Amerikas Addiction Invades ATL!