“P-DIDDY” Single Coming 7-1-15!



“P-DIDDY” COMING 7-1-15!

Interview with Renaissance Woman, Jenny Marie Christian

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Hello Jenny! How is life treating you? 
Joshuaaaaa!!!! Hiii!!! I love your name by the way. Great biblical name for a great guy… Lol Life’s trying to toss a few mountains in my way right now, but I know it’s a test to prove that they can be moved. So I’m doing my best and staying in the fight.

If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your response?
I tell people I’m a dreamer, a writer, media correspondent, an activist, a pageant queen and an aspiring actress.

Can you tell us about how you got involved in modeling? What were your influences to pursue it?
Well when I wrote my first book back in 2008 I had a photo shoot for the cover. After I had chosen my cover photo and released my book, I posted the other outtakes and miscellaneous images on social media. They received good feedback and at that point photographers and makeup artist began contacting me to work with them. I actually had no plan or intention to pursue it. It sort of just happened and I’ve met some amazing people and learned so much. Modeling is a craft that goes far beyond just standing for a snapshot, but capturing the essence, the energy, the mood, the vision of the client. I’m still a student of the industry and pull inspiration and influence from everywhere.

You are very driven, creative & passionate. Where does this energy come from?
Thank you so much! I think a lot of it comes from my parents. My father was a blues singer that had to endure so much for the dream. My mother is an educator and the strongest woman I know and hasn’t had an easy life by far. We didn’t have much money. So they had to be creative and resourceful to ensure we as a family had everything that we needed. While also remaining passionate in the pursuit of other goals that made them happy. I guess it kind of comes to me naturally because nothing as ever been easy or handed to me.

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I follow you on Twitter/IG/Facebook and I have to admit and applaud you for being very outspoken about your beliefs. Where do you find the courage, especially in today’s fickle and soft society, to speak your truth and experiences, at the expense of being ridiculed?
Growing up I was always taught to be sweet, be kind, be respectful, be docile, and be a lady. So I thought that stating my peace would make people in return perceive me in a manner in which I didn’t like. I’d be seen as a bitch. So I kept a lot to myself. Problem with holding things in is it will slowly build, build and build until you explode. It was stressful. It filled me with rage. It had me lashing out from so much built up anger and resentment of never stating how I really feel. I decided then that I will not put my voice, my thoughts, my concerns, or my opinions on mute to appease another person or make them comfortable. I have the right to respectfully use my voice and my platform to express myself. I have the right to openly discuss what I care about and my truth. If it offends another that’s not my problem. My words and theories can either challenge an open mind or offend a weak one. I’ve learned to be ready to face both.

Let me get even deeper…cause, you can’t judge books by their covers. What are your thoughts on the media’s portrayal of black people/African Americans? Too much negative and not enough realistic and empowering stories?
First let me give you my thoughts on media in general. The media will air, promote and exploit anyone and anything that will bring them ratings and money. I can’t fault that. What I can say is as viewers, we have the power. it’s our job to demand to have more positive broadcastings, family oriented programming, diversity in the programming. I’m more from the camp of “don’t waste time bashing what you hate, promote what you love”… You won’t see me voicing an opinion on love & hip hop, but I’ll tweet and post about a great book or documentary. My point is I can’t blame the media’s portrayal. I blame us for continuing to allow it and support it. The media is doing their job, we must do ours and demand and create the images of African Americans that we want to see.

What are your thoughts on how women are portrayed in society? Over sexualized? Not celebrated for being what women are? 
Saying there’s a “lack of respect” for women in today’s society is an understatement. I truly feel as though many men don’t even like women. Women are looked at and treated as objects versus being treated like human being with feelings. For example how men refer to women these days. The majority of the time you’ll hear and read “bitch”, “thot”, “hoe” and when men are attempting to be “respectful”, they’ll refer to women as “a female or females”… Like we’re animals .. A female what, kangaroo. We’re women. We’re queens. We’re the mothers of your children. We’re you’re protectors in a world that hates you. We’re your shoulder to lean on, when the weight of life is heavy. We’re your confidant when you can’t rely on another soul. We’re on the front lines protesting for you when you’re being shot down like dogs. Where’s our respect? Where’s our honor? Where’s our pedestal? Instead of being treated royalty we’re being treated like cattle. It’s disheartening. If the men you go so hard for don’t value you, how can the portrayal in movies, music and videos get any better? It’s a challenge being and raising strong women in a world that tells us we are hoes and that it is a compliment to be a “bad bitch”. Isn’t that crazy?!

What are your thoughts on the media’s reaction to Caitlin Jenner and the lack of coverage of say, Akon’s impact in Africa, or the Patriot Act?
Lol.. Good ole Caitlyn. Well you know how I feel, we have the power. Media is only going to give us what they know we’ll react to and run with. I’m more disappointed with how many of us were so caught up in Caitlyn instead of Akon. We must do our part. Shout out to Akon for that by the way. So admirable. I’ve ranted before about how I feel celebrities and public figures should use the influence to empower, do positive things and speak on issues that directly affect their fan base the way Talib Kweli does with #BlackLivesMatter .. Don’t just look out for fans when an album drops. That’s another rant for another day though. Lol

You once mentioned that today’s men lack gentleman qualities, what has been your worst experience? Why do you think today’s men lack common courtesy towards women?
My worst experience was once I was on the phone with this guy I liked right. I was discussing with him how it’s very inconsiderate of him to disregard my messages for days at a time and then get back to me whenever. After that disagreement he was informing me of his friends in town. So I interject with how I know already because he’ll post everything to Facebook before he responds to me. Immediately his friend chimes in the conversation (because this rude boy got me on speaker) and starts going in on me with profanity about how wasting time talking about Facebook bullshit.. Blah blah. I was so appalled because 1. Who has a private conversation on speaker phone. 2. What grown man lets another grown man chime in on their call. 3. What kind of man is so comfy just freely being rude and profane to a woman. 4. What kind of man lets another man disrespect a woman he supposedly likes. I mean I was in such disbelief. These are the times we live in. Women are treated horribly, but still expected to be so sweet and kind at all times. If not she’s a bitch. I wish I knew where the lack of common courtesy and being a gentleman went, but I don’t have an answer. Most men just haven’t been taught how to treat and lady and about chivalry.

What have been some of your greatest achievements in your career, in pursuing your passion? Give us some inspiration, that, in the words of Les Brown, “It’s Possible”!
My greatest accomplishment this far is actually something so small, but yet so important. That’s simply finding my courage. I’ve found my courage to pursue my dreams. Fear and rejection had me stuck in a rut and complacency. Now I’m finally taking the necessary steps and risks with faith to get me to my destiny. For that alone in proud. Because it took me a while to move beyond fear to find courage.

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD, how does that apply to you and your lifestyle?
It fits perfectly with my lifestyle because I feel as though everyone should live life doing what they desire and with who they desire. That’s my goal. No more listening to what others think I should do. I’m going to live my life, my way.

Are there any last words that you’d like to give to anyone that is pursuing their passion and living the Do What You Desire lifestyle?
Keep pushing. The journey is going to have its high moments and it’s going to have some low moments. Trust that everything will work out as it should and know that a path without obstacles probably wouldn’t lead you anywhere.

Are there any shout outs that you would like to give?!
I’d like to shout out the #DWYD for always being a place for positivity. I’d also like to shout out all of my family, friends and acquaintances that believe in me, support me and encourage me. You’re the real MVP.  Lol

Where can we find out more about you and what you do? Websites? IG? Twitter? FaceBook?
Instagram: jennymariechristian
Twitter: jennymchristian
Also follow @RockitConvo

Interview with Angie from Awesome Advertising


Hello Angie! I always start off with this question! If a stranger came up to you in the street and asked, what do you do? What would be your response?

I sell pencils!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? How was your childhood? What type of jobs did you have on your to becoming an entrepreneur?

I am originally from NY, but moved to Florida when I was very young. My father passed away when I was 7, so that’s why we moved to Florida. It was me, my mom and my brother. I grew up in a very strict, Italian, Catholic home.. no dating until 17, not allowed to do any concerts or parties.. ( I thank my mom today for being so strict)

My first job was filing paperwork in the church rectory to pay for the catholic school that my mom insisted I attend. As a teen, I always had a regular job, I did not discover my talents until 1980, when I worked for Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum as a babysitter in their nursery. It was a health club that offered babysitting while the mothers worked out. I made friends with all the moms.. one day the manager came to me and told me I was wasting my talent and that she was going to put me in sales. I had never sold anything in my life and told her so.. She took me under her wing and in 3 years I wound up being the manager of that health club. I worked there until they closed their doors. I went to work selling magazines via the phone. I wound up becoming a manager there in 8 months, and stayed until they closed their doors.

Then a friend told me about Atlas Pen and Pencil. that they were hiring. I applied, got the job, and wound up becoming a sales manager there also. I stayed there for 20 years, learning everything I could about the advertising specialty business. In 2005, my husband and I decided it was time for a change, we sold our home in Florida and moved to North Carolina. I then took a chance on opening my own company. AWESOME ADVERTISING. I am happy to say this year is my 10th year in business!

Can you tell us about the moment that you decided to become an entrepreneur? What inspired you?

When we moved from Florida to North Carolina, I didn’t want to have to punch a time clock in a new job, so I just took a shot at my own thing. I guess I must say that it was my husband who inspired me because he always said ‘ You can do this.”

Can you take us into the day in the life of an entrepreneur? What are your favorite things about it? What are your least favorite things about it?

My days vary so much. some days I am so busy, I can’t keep track, other days, I can write a few orders then go do what I want. there is no set schedule for me and that’s what I like most.
my least favorite thing is all the paperwork, that takes me away from my passion.. which is SELLING!

Would you ever go back to “working” for someone else, besides your customers?! Can you tell us why or why not?

I would (hopefully) never go work for someone else. I like the fact that I can run my business the way I want, give good deals, and stand behind my company. Sometimes when company policy gets in the way, you just can’t be yourself.

We have a slogan called “Do What You Desire” aka #DWYD. Can you tell us how this applies to you and what you do!?

I feel like I always wanted to have my own business and that is where I did what I desired, taking a risk.. and succeeding is the best feeling in the world!

Where can we find out more about you and your business?
My web site is www.awesomeadvertising.info
or you can like me on Facebook!

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Interview with Lilo of PapyrusAndCharms


If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your response?

I would say, ” I own my own business & I create jewelry with deep cultural significances for people of every background.”

Can you tell us about your company PapyrusAndCharms? What are your influences to pursue this?

Well, the name of the company is very significant to me. The “Papyrus” part has two meanings: I am a poet and I call myself a scribe so it was important that I insert myself into the branding. It also means vintage jewelry or apparel. “Charms” is a nod to the symbolism I put into my work. Historically the term charm meant an item used to bring good luck and ward off evil, and I use a lot of ancient symbols with those same meanings.

Honestly, my company is the result of a little creativity in a time of great desperation. My mother was very sick in the hospital & I needed to be there with her every day, so I thought of a way I could work and still be present and voila, enter Papyrus & Charms! I’ve been making jewelry since I was a kid and I used to sell it when I was around 10, so it just came to me naturally.

What type of items do you create? Do you actually make the pieces yourself? How would you describe your design style & aesthetic?

I create everything! I make really unique necklaces, bracelets & earrings using authentic fabrics & materials from countries in Africa & also Jamaica. My father in Jamaica creates jewelry for my store as well, and many of his pieces are really unique because they are made with palm tree seeds seeds and wood from our land back on the island.
My aesthetic as I say, is for the natural man or woman. There’s going to be a lot of wood, a lot of semiprecious stones with spiritual significance, and symbols from various cultures representing love and protection.

What has been your greatest accomplishment? How about your biggest disappointment? How did you work through it?

In a very short span of time (since late January) I’ve grown a national customer base. Just last week I shipped orders to 7 different states in one day and I thought, “wow my little dream has grown wings!” It’s amazing to see that people want & appreciate what I create. It’s a great feeling. I haven’t had any disappointments yet; but I feel like I can handle anything after getting through my mother’s two month stint in the hospital. I’ve got this.

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD, how does that apply to you and your life?

I think I’ve always lived up to this saying in my own way. My birth name means, “Only God is my judge” and I truly feel like people embody the meanings they are ascribed when they are born. I know a lot of people thought I was crazy for starting a business in the middle of a family crisis; but I thought it was brilliant. I did everything I said I would, without anyone’s help and now I have a viable business that not only supports me financially but brings me peace & happiness. The phrase “Do What You Desire” couldn’t be more appropriate; because I did just that!

What is the best way for our readers to find out more about your and get their own custom jewelry?

Papyrus & Charms can be found a number of ways!
Facebook Fan Page: Papyrus & Charms
Instagram: @PapyrusNCharms
You can find more about my jewelry on any of these sites. Thanks for the opportunity to speak to the people! #DWYD 

Interview with Music Business Entrepreneur HEARTBREAKjazz


I always start off by asking, how is everything in the world of HEARTBREAKjazz?

Everything is everything. I have good days, and bad ones. It’s getting hot outside & business is picking up, so I’m super excited for the summer.

Ok, I also like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do ?” 

I’m an organizer.

From shows & non-profit events to street teams & scheduling, I’m always organizing. I can’t say I have a specific title because I do a lot of everything. Sometimes I’m a manager, an administrator, designer, consultant, writer. Overall, I’m an entrepreneur. I like to take an idea and bring it to life.


Tell me more about “HEARTBREAKjazz”? How long have you been in business? What have been your biggest accomplishments? Biggest setbacks? How did you overcome them?

“HEARTBREAKjazz” is actually a rip of some Drake lyrics in his earlier work (Heartbreak Drake). I arrived in Atlanta in 2010 to attend Clark Atlanta University. Twitter had been around but I guess you can say it was at it’s prime & the main marketing outlet for students. That’s how we found out about the upcoming parties, latest news, and how to connect with everyone. I began doing business under “@HEARTBREAKjazz” leading an all female promotion company “Boss Ladies” & the name just stuck. It’s my personal brand.

Being new to the state altogether, hopping into the nightlife scene allowed me to learn the city & network with a lot of the cities curators, promoters, artists and other people in the industry. I took a little break to return home & when I came back in the recent years (December 2013) I dived head first into music.

I feel like being a female in a male-dominated industry, you have to go hard to prove yourself. When they wouldn’t give me a chance, I took it. I went off & did it.


Your artists are very unique. How do you use that to your advantage in marketing and public relations?

My artists sell themselves. We’re not out here putting on for the camera. Everything is 100% real, raw and uncut. The fans love someone they can relate to. The music is just a reflection of their lifestyles. I feel like a lot of the new music people are coming out with is glamorizing things they know nothing about. But listen to some Theo Ferragamo & he’s gonna tell you about juggin, finessing, skating, & crashing on someone’s couch. You can’t get any realer than that. I feel like Teddy Blow is crazy with hooks, he’s really getting comfortable in his craft & manipulating his vocals. Basically a good product will sell itself.

How is it working with one of the top independent labels in the recording industry, QC The Label?

It’s an experience! Interning was like a game of survivor. Who can stay on the island?

Being around talented, hard-working people is so inspiring. I’m all about positive vibes, especially in the workplace. The company is still fairly new and it’s a powerhouse. I’ve got the opportunity to learn so many things as well as share my knowledge and experience with others. I’m excited to see what new doors open.

How important is public relations and branding in the marketing and pushing of a new artist? In your perspective.

I believe you have to sell the whole package. There are plenty of people who have the talent but no image, & vise versa. People want to see you, hear you, feel you. The fan wants to know you (or at least think they do.) Maintaining a good public image is essential for artists today as well as really branding themselves. The Internet made it so easy for anyone to share with the world. The game is overpopulated & oversaturated. You really have to stand out but also be consistent.


Besides working with artists, is there anything else that you are passionate about that supporters of you may not realize!?

I love working with children. Aside from music, I work at a psychiatric facility for children and also volunteer at a group home. I’m all for community development. I’m working on a few non-profit events/giveaways over the course of the year. I want kids to know their dreams are at arm’s reach.

We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your company and in your life?

I feel like it’s your life. Do what you desire without fear of anyone judging you or telling you how to live. I love taking risks. I don’t think anything great has ever occurred without a little bit of risk involved. Just do it.


How can we find out more about HeartBreakjazz online? Facebook? Twitter? Website? IG?

HEARTBREAKjazz.com or Twitter/Instagram: @HEARTBREAKjazz

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice? 


Interview with Swedish Pop Star Mizgin

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Good Day Mizgin! How is everything in the music world?

Good day! Everything is great, just in the studio working on my album everyday!

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”

It’s simple, I’m an artist. It’s something that I live for more than something that I do. I remember being really, really young, and I was watching a concert on TV. I looked at the singer and I just knew that I was going to be that. I think that was before I could even talk!

Tell me more about career? How long have you been doing music? What have been your biggest accomplishments? Biggest setbacks? How did you overcome them?

I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember, but my first release was in 2013 with my promotional single Get You Off. It was #1 on iTunes in Sweden the day after it got released, which was super cool! But to be honest I don’t really focus on accomplishments or setbacks. I’m always thinking how to get better and move forward and not what happened in the past.

Your biggest song and video is “Get You Off” (which has become quite controversial), I actually just recently discovered it, I dig it a lot. How was that song concept and video created? Take us into your mind while creating it!

The concept came from the song, which is obviously very sexy. I feel the song should create the music video because I want the video to give the song a face. My team and I shared some ideas with the director, and the rest is history.

You have a natural sexuality in your music and image, which I find empowering and more people in general should embrace it. But I also noticed it has caused some controversy. What are your thoughts on women and sexuality? Are we behind as a society?

I don’t think that we are behind when it comes to women and sexuality, I think a lot of women are open about their sexuality today, but just like you said, it causes controversy. That’s the problem. Would it cause the same controversy if a man would do it?

How important is social media and actually talking to your fans been in elevating your career Mizgin?

I think that social media is very important. It’s definitely the easiest way to have a relationship with your fans. You can share pictures, thoughts and much more with each other. It becomes a personal experience between me and the fans.

Can you tell us about any new projects that you are working on? Who are you working with?

I actually just released my official debut single, “If I Said I’m In Love (Suicide)” which is available on iTunes. I’m really excited about it. The music video is coming in the next few weeks as well.

We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your music?

Do what you desire is the coolest saying. That’s not only how I do my music, that’s how I live my life. It’s simple and easy. If you’re here to live for other people, or to seek approval from them, then you are not living your life to the fullest. You have one life to do what you desire.

How can we find out more about you and your music online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mizginmusic

Instagram­ @IAmMizgin

Twitter­ @officialMizgin
Are there any last words of wisdom or advice?

Thank you so much for your time! Do what you desire!

Interview with Dutch-TheOmen


Good Day Dutch The Omen! How is everything in the fashion world?

It’s all Chic!!!

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”

I Dress people. Lol


What inspired you to become Wardrobe & Image Consultant and an entrepreneur?

What inspired me, I’ll like to say fashion inspired it. It was my way of freedom out the hood. As I grow up I realized that people get paid for dressing other people, I was with it then!

I gotta ask, where does the name “Dutch, The Omen” come from?

DutchTheOmen came from a t-shirt line I produced in high school called “DutchBagBillion” which I dropped after a year so I decided to keep the name Dutch and “TheOmen” came from me wearing all black so it just grew on me.


Who and What are some of the best “Images” in the world, in your opinion and why?

I live for Rita Ora, Solange, and Zendaya Colemen. These 3 are effortless, timeless and always daring.
I always feel as if they were sent by a god!

Who are some of your clients, if you can reveal?

I worked with the likes of Teyana Taylor, Dawn Richards and Bianca Golden, but Tink is my current client/muse.


We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your fashion business pursuits and how you live your life?

That’s a big influence in my life because I do what I want and what I feel. I don’t follow trends now.


How can we find out more about you and your stylings online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

Unfortunately my site is down for new updates. But I’m very live on IG and Twitter @ DutchTheOmen

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice?

Be forever chic and slay by any means! #ThatsAll


Interview with fashion designer Marlaina Taylor-Ford

IMG_0702 11182222_10155558174755195_1948268461883332632_n

If a stranger walked up to you and asked you “What Do You Do?” what would you say?
My career is in Supply Chain as a Buyer for a chemical company located in Germantown, WI. By night, I am Marlaina Taylor, creator and designer of Taylor & Ford Co. based in Milwaukee, WI. I spend my time outside of my career pursing my dream of building a global brand with a foundation in women’s clothing and a future in men’s and children’s as well as home goods.

You are the brains behind Taylor & Ford Co. SPRING into SUMMER Runway Fashion Show! Can you tell us more about what this event is about?
Taylor & Ford Co. is proud to host the 1st annual SPRING INTO SUMMER Fashion Runway Show in downtown Milwaukee, WI on May 1st. This years’ event, consisting of a cocktail hour followed by a runway fashion show, will showcase the Spring/Summer 2015 Collections of eight local and extremely talented fashion designers while raising money for an organization that we are extremely passionate about; American Cancer Society.


When I realized that this event is also benefitting the American Cancer Society, I became very interested in it. Can you explain why you chose this organization to donate to?
I became committed to volunteering with and donating to the American Cancer Society after my sister’s diagnosis with Cancer in early 2014. This was the first time in my life that I had experienced the effects of cancer firsthand and the struggle for her to return to a somewhat normal life. This prompted me to take action the best way that I knew how and that was through Taylor & Ford Co. I knew that I had the ability to potentially influence hundreds of my supporters to stand with me through volunteer work and fundraisers in support of the American Cancer Society.

Who are some of the designers and sponsors behind the event?
Guests can look forward to an impressive lineup of designers including Chelsea Stotts, Cristal Castaneda, Deborah Render, Ebonnie Kennedy, Anthony Vines, Leevan Roundtree, Maurese Gee and myself, Marlaina Taylor. We would have not been able to plan such an amazing event without the sponsorship of Motive Cosmetics and several local small businesses such as Brazen Hair, Project One Studios, Von Harris Productions, Nail Vibe, Shear Pink Salon and Pizza Shuttle. It is truly through these partnerships that we have begun to build the foundation of a fashion community here in the city of Milwaukee that is dedicated to supporting local fashion designers.


What can we expect to see from TAYLOR & FORD CO. and other designers on the runway?
TAYLOR & FORD CO. is excited to introduce the SS15 Resort Swimwear Collection. I would describe this collection as being a multi-dimensional, airy and sophisticated reflection of the modern twenty something’s vacation wardrobe.

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD. Can you explain how this principle applies to your life and career?
The mantra “Do What You Desire” correlates directly to my journey as a fashion designer. I spent roughly 10 years of life “wanting” to be a fashion designer, but not doing anything to make it happen. I desired to create seasonal collections that would influence fashion culture worldwide; however, I had yet to take a single step in that direction. It wasn’t until after I graduated college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and International Business that I realized that I had all of the tools to be successful at my fingertips. I had the artistic vision and creativity required to be innovative in the fashion realm and I have the business savvy to market my brand both locally and abroad. I realized that I needed to live my dream for the sake of my own fulfillment.


Where can we find out more information for those who may be interested in attending or supporting the event?
Those who are interested in purchasing tickets to the SPRING Into SUMMER Runway Fashion Show may do so via the link provided below. I would also encourage these fashion enthusiasts to follow TAYLOR & FORD CO. on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.



Any last words of advice or special recognition that you’d like to give?
One word of advice that I would like to give any entrepreneur is to enjoy the journey to success. Many times we focus on the reward, but forget to enjoy the process and the milestones. Let’s not forget to celebrate on the way to the finish line, we deserve it!

I would like to send a special thanks to everyone that supports the Taylor & Ford Co. brand. To those that I have had the pleasure of working with since the May 2014 launch of Taylor & Ford Co., please know that I truly value and appreciate you and will never forget the time and encouragement that you’ve given me.

Interview with Drum Squad DJ’s President DJ Lomaxx

While at the legendary Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, GA, we had a special guest, the one & only DJ Lomaxx, the president of Drumma Boy’s “Drum Squad DJ’s” coalition come in for an exclusive interview with #DoWhatYouDesire!

Make sure to follow

Twitter – @djlomaxx / @drumsquaddjs

Instagram – @djlomaxx / @drumsquaddjs

Interview with R&B artist, Matt B

Whats up Matt B? How is life treating you?
Life has been really good. Very little complaints other then my lack of sleep (Laughing).

If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your response?
I guess i would say: i impact peoples lives. I like to believe its a positive impact but i guess that just depends on the perspective of the person.

Can you tell us about how you got involved in creating music? What were your influences to pursue this?
I started doing music as a small child. I remember changing the lyrics of sesame street songs around with my brothers while we drove around running errands with my mom; it seems like such a distant memory now. between that and always singing at my church i would say thats what really made me want to create music. Coming from a musical family I guess you could say it was written in my DNA. My influences as a small child were limited i was born into an extremely religious house hold and was very sheltered. I was homeschooled until my freshman year of high school and my idea of music was shaped by radio disney until i discovered other types of music around 13.

How would you describe your style & music? 
I think i make feel good music. my music is an expression of self. my life experiences shape my musical expression; changing with each and everyday life. I would almost want to compare it to water, forever changing in form but still remaining true to itself if that makes since.

You are very driven, creative & passionate. Where does this come from?
My passion and drive comes from God and family. I feel like I’ve truly found my purpose in life. I want to be able to shine a light in this world thats filled with so much darkness. Music is a window to the soul and people can relate to it regardless of race, language or religion. I hope to leave my mark on this world through music.

You have a deal with Star Base Records in Japan! Can you tell us more about how that happened?
This story will probably sound made up but I promise you its not. I worked my butt off for about 3 years making track after track project after project and uploading it online only for nothing to come of it. I told my girlfriend at the time who’s now my wife that this music thing just doesn’t seem like its going to ever happen. during the between time I ended up getting a new manager and he basically completely rebranded my image and out of the clear blue sky the label contacted him via email and said they really liked my music and wanted to sign me and we had 2 weeks to submit an album to them. I used to hear and read about these stories and thought to my self what are the odds of that happening, only for it to happen to me (laughs). the funniest part is I had been submitting to labels like crazy over those few years but I guess when God wants something to happen it happens in his time, not yours.

What has been your biggest disappointment in your passion? How about your greatest triumph? What is your next big goal?!
After so many years of being in this industry i would have to say that there aren’t really any disappointments, just lessons to be learned and from those lessons you figure out what to do and what not to do. If i allowed my self to see what most people would call failures as such then i would have stopped doing music a long time ago, but i guess thats how it is with anything your truly passionate about. I would have to give the second part of the question some more thought. Because i honestly don’t know what my biggest triumph would be. I guess I’ve always been so absorbed with what the next step is that i never really took time to reflect on everything I’ve accomplished thus far. My next big goal would be to tour Japan, i think my fans deserve a tour.

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD, how does that apply to you and your life?
DWYD is a very powerful statement that no one should take lightly. The desire of man has always been and will always be to do what he truly desires whether it be good or bad. To me it means to be something more, to take what God has given you and to try to figure out how you can use it to help everyone that you can before its someone else’s turn. So in a since we all do what we desire but then again we never truly do what we desire because we are all bound by each other in this tangled web called life.

Are there any last words that you’d like to give to anyone that is pursuing music as a career?
I would say to follow your heart. Don’t let anyone bring you down. your the master of your on destiny and the only way you can’t achieve your goals is if you truly believe they are unobtainable.

Are there any shout outs that you’d like to give?!
I  should say no because i always forget to mention someone, but what the heck. Shout out to my fans! i love you all from the bottom of my heart! to my family, my management, team Matt B, my label and anyone who’s supported me over the years. And of course you can’t forget to give the biggest shout out to the haters! lol

Where can we find out more about your and your work? Websites? IG? Twitter? FaceBook?
You can go to my official website at www.mattbworld.com. You can also check me out on social media:

I think musicians get lost in fame. you have to be some what egotistical to be an artist. It takes a true visionary to not get lost in it all and to realize that nothing lasts forever and there are more important things in life then fame and how loud someone screams your name in a sea of people. I never want to lose site of that. if i do then i think that will mark the day I’ve truly lost myself.