Interview with Dutch-TheOmen


Good Day Dutch The Omen! How is everything in the fashion world?

It’s all Chic!!!

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”

I Dress people. Lol


What inspired you to become Wardrobe & Image Consultant and an entrepreneur?

What inspired me, I’ll like to say fashion inspired it. It was my way of freedom out the hood. As I grow up I realized that people get paid for dressing other people, I was with it then!

I gotta ask, where does the name “Dutch, The Omen” come from?

DutchTheOmen came from a t-shirt line I produced in high school called “DutchBagBillion” which I dropped after a year so I decided to keep the name Dutch and “TheOmen” came from me wearing all black so it just grew on me.


Who and What are some of the best “Images” in the world, in your opinion and why?

I live for Rita Ora, Solange, and Zendaya Colemen. These 3 are effortless, timeless and always daring.
I always feel as if they were sent by a god!

Who are some of your clients, if you can reveal?

I worked with the likes of Teyana Taylor, Dawn Richards and Bianca Golden, but Tink is my current client/muse.


We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your fashion business pursuits and how you live your life?

That’s a big influence in my life because I do what I want and what I feel. I don’t follow trends now.


How can we find out more about you and your stylings online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

Unfortunately my site is down for new updates. But I’m very live on IG and Twitter @ DutchTheOmen

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice?

Be forever chic and slay by any means! #ThatsAll


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DWYD at Ebony Fashion Fair

Greetings All! Josh Scarver here!


As many of you know, I get to cover some awesome events! This time, I got to take in all of the style and grace of the art museum’s Ebony Fashion Fair Exhibit! As many of you know, Eunice Johnson, of the Johnson Publishing Empire put together a tour of fashion from all over the world, the thing that makes this unique, was that she was a African-American woman who desired and accomplished showing us in a positive, stylish, beautiful and empowering light. This was something that was totally new, there were no rules and regulations, just roadblocks, but that did not stop her from creating and succeeding, taking fashion and African American style and business to heights that no one could have predicted. Ebony Fashion Fair is truly an embodiment of what #DoWhatYouDesire #DWYD stands for!


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Interview with Brandan Toledo – Miami Beat Wave

B. Toledo 1Good Day Brandan Toledo! How is everything in the music world? 

What’s up #DWYD glad to be here with you guys. Crazy as usual! Working…Not sleeping…Working…Not Sleeping…Working.

Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?” 

Most of the time I don’t tell people because “Everyone and there grandmother” is a artist or rapper and usually when I’m out I’m trying to enjoy myself. You’d probably catch me messing around telling people I was a astronaut or something. (Laughs) In a formal business introduction I would say I’m a music producer & CEO of Miami Beat Wave Productions.

B. Toledo 2

What inspired you to become a producer?

In my personal life, my grandmother was definitely my inspiration to get into music in general. She played the organ at church for over 20 years. I’ve been inspired to create music since I was in my middle school band. That’s where I learned to read music, play with other musicians etc. I didn’t know it was going to be my passion and career until around my high school days. When I was younger my mother would tell me “If you could study school books the way you remember music lyrics and melodies you could go to Harvard.” While all my friends were out doing what a typical 16 year old does, I was putting together a home studio in my bedroom.

Indirectly: Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, The Beatles, J Dilla, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones etc… Basically, I have learned from great artist that inspire me to push the creative limits.

Can you tell me about your first production experience with a artist? How did it make you feel?

One of my earliest production experiences with a larger artist and one I respected was with Ras Kass. We recorded a couple records one being “I Know I’ll Be Free” featuring one of ¡Mayday! mc’s Wrekonize. I remember this one vividly because we met in a club called Ink on South Beach and partied together before we even got in the studio. I used to go to the corner store with my headphones on bumping Ras when I was 15 so when I started producing professionally, working in the studio with him was surreal!

B. Toledo 3

Tell me more about Miami Beat Wave? What does that mean? What is the sound of Miami Beat Wave?

To me it was just a catchy name to go with for a company/production alias. Some people say it means a wave of beats coming toward you or flooding the industry with the Miami sound. I guess I will just leave that up to interpretation! The MBW sound is very versatile. Most people know the hard boiled hip hop sample mixed with live instruments sound. Then there is the pop/dance side that has the cookie cutter radio vibe. At the end of the day it’s whatever the artist & song calls for.

Who are some of the artists and other producers that you have worked with?

Most recently, Dj Efn’s album “Another Time” which released on March 3rd. Miami Beat Wave production credits included artist such as David Banner, Sizzla, N.O.R.E., Joel Ortiz, Crooked I, Fashwan, Kurupt, & Jon Connor. In 2014 MBW produced “Church Road” Ft. Pos of De La Soul on Wrekonize album “The War Within” and  “My Own Parade” on the recently released ¡MURSDAY! album, both achieved placement in the Top 200 on The American Billboard Charts. Scotty Boi Ft. Rick Ross -“So Fresh” for Scotty’s Mixtape “Tax Free” is one of the early tracks for MBW. Some of these artist work directly in the studio, some have been over the internet or through associates.

On the Pop/Dance side of things MBW created alongside of the Crushboys, “In Your Rhythm feat. Miami Beat Wave” and “In The Vip Ft. 2nyce” which made it to the DDC Top 40 Charts in Germany. MBW has even ventured into the video game and television market, contributing to Hudson Entertainment/Gaijinworks’, Nintendo DS, Title Miami Law, and a Solefly/Jordan shoe commercial.

B. Toledo 4

You are well respected and admired and have awards and accolades most would dream of. How important is having your business together for a producer or just music professional in general?

Probably the most important if you want to do music as a career. I believe so much in talent & skill which is great for art/music in general but they say in the music industry it’s 90% business 10% talent. If you don’t have the 10% talent you can pay ghostwriters and professionals who are talented to write your songs, teach you how to sing “Well enough”, dance etc…. (Laughs) Hate to think it or even say it but maybe at the end of the day it’s just all 100% business.

We have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your production career and Miami Beat Wave?

Desire is the starting point of a goal. Wether it be to write a song, put it out, get signed to a label, make money etc…Whatever your dream or goal is, there has to be that desire in you. Also, most people would say I do what I desire in my personal life as well, so it applies to me in all aspects. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to live any other way.

How can we find out more about you and your stylings online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

To keep updated with all the new music, merch, and videos visit & @MiamiBeatWave on Twitter/Instagram.

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice? 

First off, I want to thank #DWYD for the interview. Living out your dreams is not the easiest thing to do. There are going to be a lot of bumps in the road but you need to take that as learning experiences and grow to become who you want to be. Turn that negative energy into strength and become more focused. Just live life man, create, love, learn, and let’s keep pushing the limits of music & art!

Amerikas Addiction Invades ATL!


Interview with Milwaukee Alt founder Ryan Laessig

Taylor Loy Photographer

If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your response?

My response would be I am an artist / photographer and co-founder of Bubbler Studios.

Copyright MilRawkee Alt.- Wat's Kracken MKE

Ryan Laessig - William Arthur -Sludge

Can you tell us what Milwaukee Alt is? How and why it was created?

Milwaukee Alt is my art and photography company. I have been doing art and photography for 8 years. Milwaukee Alt sponsors bands, models, websites, and more. I also have done many art galleries and events with my solo and collaborative works. Milwaukee Alt was created as my passion to show the alternative side of Milwaukee with a creative eye and working with bands, artists, tattooists, alternative models, fashion designers, burlesque dancers, side show acts, magazines, websites, and non-profits.


How would you describe your vision? Your photography style? What are you conveying in your art?

My vision is to brand out and be proud of your local alternative culture. I have connected out and worked in Austin TX, Arizona, LA, Chicago, and Madison. My photography style is raw and organic. My art and photography ranges from sexy to macabre, sci-fi to athletic, portraiture, tattoos / body modifications, and photographic art fusion collaborations.

DSC07801 copy

Who are some of the models and artists that you have worked with and why?

I have worked with zivity models, suicide girls, and many local artists in fashion, music, branding, tattooing, and modeling. My art fusion pieces have been with artists such as Rachel Hughes , Amanda Iglinski, and Bill Arthur.
My solo art consists of pop culture nerd art, street art inspired spray paint on canvas, digital prints, clothing and Milwaukee Alt merchandise.


What has been your biggest disappointment in your passion? How about your greatest triumph? What is your next big goal?!

My biggest disappointment I would say is that my work which conveys the alternative side of Milwaukee and the World is still looked at in a taboo way at times and not as Art. My greatest triumph in life has yet to come. My next big goal is too keep expanding, and working with great artists, models, and websites like I am currently working with STAPAW Supporting Tattoos And Piercings A Work.


We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD, how does that apply to you and your life?

I would say my #DWYD applies in my life by waking up and loving what I do with my art and photography and being thankful for the gallery shows and art events I am showcased in and meeting so many amazing people doing what I love with my art and photography.


Are there any last words of advice for someone just picking up the camera? Or even for someone who has lost there passion and put the camera down?

Its a lot of work and I’ve been doing this for 8 years and I feel like I haven’t even hit my peak yet. Never stop loving what you do.


Are there any shout outs that you’d like to give?! (Old School Style)

Shout outs to Unbibium, An Ocean Above Us, Terraform, Conscious Object, Live Artist Studios, Rogues Gallery, Newaukee, Milwaukee Maker Market, Home Town Established, Jeff Redmon, MMA fighter Jason Sunshine Sundberg, STAPAW, and the rest of the Bubbler Studios Crew Amanda Iglinski and Taylor Loy.

Copyright Milwaukee Alt - Erin Ringo

Where can we find out more about your and your work? Websites? IG? Twitter? FaceBook?

Find me on:
Facebook under Ryan Laessig
IG & Twitter: @MilwaukeeAlt
Also Google Milwaukee Alt / MilRAWkee Alt / or Bubbler Studios.

Collaborations with:

Taylor Loy
William Arthur
Amanda Iglinski
Rachel Hughes

Thank you so much for this interview.

“Be Kind, Be Humble, Be You.”



Interview with celebrity jeweler Clint Da Jeweler


Ok, I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”

I’m a celebrity jeweler.

Can you tell us about your come up? Who are you? What made you who you are today?

I started off bk in 2000 as an entertainment manager, I managed both local artists aswell as major/well known. My girlfriend which later became my wife and I started expanding our family, so I wanted to do something that didn’t require much time away from home. So I decided to become a jeweler. I knew how profitable it could be and I knew that I could still cater to the stars.

FullSizeRender copy 5

I read that you have a long history with the music industry, can you give us more details on what you did or still do today?

I still help out occasionally with some music stuff, it’s kind of something I can’t escape. I’m not managing anyone, but I do like to help people connect the dots

FullSizeRender copy 2

Can you take us on a day in the life of Clint Da Jeweler? How is a concept/piece created? Take us through your process.

My day consist of browsing through instagram, lol. I use it to find clients. I seek people that have clothing companies, small businesses, record labels, etc. I then offer my services. I also look for the most popular girl or guy to see if they are interested in helping me grow and I sometimes gift them a small piece.
Making a piece is not easy, so it really bothers me when people try to negotiate prices. It also irritates me when they threaten to go someplace else, I guess they don’t know I have contracts with almost every well known store in the city!
Step 1. Mold
Step 2. Detail
Step 3. Cast
Step 4. Injection of metal
Step 5. Setting of diamonds
Step 5. Bale assembly
These are my overall steps to create, whether it’s a 150.00 piece or 150,000.00. It’s a lot more in the process, but this is general.

FullSizeRender copy 3

I know its extensive, but who are some of your clients?

Past and present clients include cast of Love and Hip hop series, fox new show Empire, Rick Ross, R. Kelly, John Wall, Diggy Simmons, Jaden Smith, Lil Rel, Mike Epps, Tony Sculfield, Bad Girls Club Cast, Jeremih, and more.

We have a mantra of “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your career and the fine jewelry game?

I apply do what you desire to every aspect of my life. It’s the only way you’ll be happy. I teach it to my children and I tell it those that ask me how to grow.

How can we find out more about you and your work online? Facebook? Twitter? Website?

Find me on Instagram


FullSizeRender copy 4

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice?

Last words- DWYD

FullSizeRender copy

Interview with artist Ole P (ViBE Music)


Whats good Ole P? Can you tell us exactly what you do? Like, if someone came up to you on the street and asked “What do you do”? What would you say?What’s good! Life is great bro. I’m a hip hop artist from Milwaukee, WI. I write all my own material and have started writing songs for other artists.
I produce as well, but not many people know that yet. I’ve made music videos for myself and other artists. I’ll never limit myself to one craft, but making music is my favorite.You are a young artist, with a deep, wise feel to your music/vibe. What inspires you to create music?Everything.
“Take what you learn and apply it”

I try to learn from every experience and apply what I learned in the future. Ever since I became better in-tune with myself by eating healthy, meditating and enjoying the good and bad in life, I get inspired from everything. A good experience can put me in the mood to write and search for a positive uplifting beat and make a song about enjoying life in every way. A bad experience can do the same thing except I’ll probably look for a soulful/deep vibe and write about whatever I’m going through. I hear a lotta people saying “these bad things only happen to me, nobody understands me, everybody’s a hater” etc. So I hope to connect with people n show them everybody has obstacles.

“We all get distracted, the question is would you bounce back or bounce backwards / would you not know how to act or take action” – Kendrick Lamar on “Growing Apart (To Get Closer)”

As of now Kendrick’s my favorite rapper alive.

Some other artists that have inspired me to create include 2Pac, Thievery Corporation, Tech N9ne, The Beatles, Lil Boosie, everybody from Pro Era, J Cole, Jay Z & The Weeknd.


What are your thoughts on marijuana legalization?

What’s marijuana?

Lmao. Legalization would be incredible. More realistically I’m hoping for it to be regulated like tobacco or alcohol.
Cannabis is such an amazing plant, with so many uses and benefits it shouldn’t be illegal. A lot of people have distorted views about it and don’t know anything about it except “it’s illegal”.
Personally it helps me with anxiety / stress, creative uses, sleeping, upset stomach or helping to get an appetite etc. Some people say it makes them lazy or paranoid, which I’d suggest not using it then.
It all comes down to being a responsible indivudual and making good choices.


I also know you are big into Organic living, sustainability, can you tell us more about that aspect of your life? You know, drop some knowledge?

When I was younger, I used to eat whatever whenever, and had a lot of health issues. Once I started eating healthier I saw my life change within weeks.
Now I buy organic whenever available and foods with natural non GMO ingredients. Everything we put into our bodies affect the way we live. The way we feel, how we think, many diseases/problems are preventable and start with what we put into our bodies.
People are surprised that I don’t drink alcohol at all. Never started.
You can’t make it to the top if you’re not taking care of yourself. Again it comes down to being responsible and making good choices.
I recycle & reuse every time i can. We gotta take care of this planet, it’s where we LIVE. Lol
I love learning about healthy living and I enjoy promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Can you tell us more about the video that you just dropped? How did that happen?

Man. So much herb that night lol. I just dropped a new music video with one of my favorite artists Mad Static, the song is called CRASH THE PARTY, the record was produced by Rustik & Luke Marlowe did the visuals for me. And killed it. Those are the nights I live for! Making memories with friends and family involving music is a wonderful thing.
That record is from my most recent mixtape called “Intro 2 #ViBEMusic”
I’m glad we finally got a visual for it and I love the final product.

We have a motto, a way of life, called “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD. Can you tell us how that relates to you and your life and pursuing your passion?

So many people in my life told me what I couldn’t do, and that’s always been one of the biggest motivators.
For a while when I was younger, I felt like I needed other peoples approval to feel happy.
Once I stopped caring what anybody else thought I started to excel.
I encourage everyone everywhere to find what you love, find what you’re passionate about and include that in your life as much as possible!!
The world will never get tired of creative people with original ideas.
“The world is watching”

DO WHAT YOU DESIRE !! I desire college girls. & great food. Sour Diesel. & #ViBEMusic Lol



Where can we find out more about you and your music?

Find Ole P (ViBE Music) @

Thanks for reaching out ! I appreciate the support and look forward to working with ya’ll again in the future.
Peace to everybody n thank you for rockin with us! #ViBEMusic #DWYD

Feb. 9th Show w/Tory Lanez


Interview with Llewellyn

IMG_1755If someone came up to you on the street and asked, what do you do? What would you say to them?
My response has been I’m menswear designer.

Some may know, I am a lover of fashion and style. What inspired you to pursue fashion?
I’m a historian and lover of art. When I was a child I wrote and illustrated a lot of stories. The wardrobe of these characters played a vital role in the story telling. The wardrobe of people in history for some reason always stuck with me. I knew being a designer was what I was meant to do in 8th grade. A classmate brought his successful uncle ,who was a designer, fashion illustrations in class. As cheesy as it sounds the light bulb clicked and everything made sense.

Are you trained? Or is this all raw talent?
I do have formal training from design school. However my best training came from being in the industry, on the job training.

You have some very intriguing designs, what goes on in your mind to turn them into reality?
When designing I’m thinking of 3 things. They are, my consumer’s needs, my artistic expression and construction. They all need to work harmoniously for a garment to be successful in my eyes. My goal to make wearable, bold yet classic pieces. The Llewellyn man is not just noticed, he’s remembered for his style.

Whats is Llewellyn? Where did the name come from?
This is a question I get asked often. I feel bad there’s no illustrious philosophical answer. Llewellyn is my father and mine middle name. Ours is pronounced “El low when”. The brand Llewellyn is pronounced “Lou Ellen”. I picked this name for its androgynous nature that marries to my design aesthetic. Llewellyn is welsh for two distinct things that describe the brand. Lion like and Shiney one.

Whats your take on today’s fashion/style? Your honest take.
The historian in me loves that new consumers are discovering old fashion houses. That younger designers are being taken seriously as brands. I love that people are taking risks. Dressing is a fun experience and should be thought of that way. While still being respectful of the multi billion dollar industry that it is.
What’s disheartening is the struggle the industry is for black designers. As well as the too easily thrown around label of designer and stylist.

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or #DWYD. What does that mean to you and your passion?
For me it’s an affirmation to be present in the moment with a goal in mind. Live your experiences while learning from them to reach that goal.

Where can we find more of your work?
Llewellyn can be found in our online store:

Twitter: @LlewellynBrand

Instagram @llewellynofficial