Interview with up and coming DJ and founder of ‘Eminence Entertainment’! We introduce “DJ POIZON IVY”!

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Today we have an interview with the up and coming DJ, Promoter, Personality “DJ POIZON IVY”! We first came into contact with DJ Poizon Ivy by meeting her at a cd release party. We heard her show on Marquette Radio “DJ Poizon Ivy After Dark” which mixes between r&b and hip-hop music. She is a DJ who has her business in order. We have come across many other DJ’s who are not on this DJ Poizon Ivy’s level. Amerikas Addiction feels women are still under represented in the music industry in many aspects from DJing to Executive level positions. Though hip-hop is known as a man’s sport, we believe women have been and are on their way to the top. Watch out for Poizon Ivy, she is much more than a DJ. She even provided us with an awesome biography for you all to read about her and her company “Eminence Entertainment”. Enjoy!


Ivy Awino, an influential and flourishing entrepreneur in the entertainment and sports industry, is founder of Eminence Entertainment, an upcoming premiere college promotions business started in August 2010. In administrative responsibilities within her company, Awino organizes, oversees, directs, and regulates every exclusive affair and caters to her vastly mounting clientele. Eminence Entertainment presents marketing and promotions services. Awino envisions the entertainment company to reach the 18-24 college demographic and moderately cater to artists who desire to reach such cluster. Proficient in producing solidity within her business, Awino has the prerequisites to pilot her affluent company through the development and execution stages of Eminence Entertainment. 

Being introduced to the sports world as a Dallas Mavericks ball girl at the age of 12, Awino started to explore further into the sports industry. Through her high school years, she initiated an interest in radio and gained experience while interning at KKDA 104.5 in Dallas, Texas. While attending Marquette University, she held multiple positions that contributed to the talents she houses today. Awino first worked in the communal setting for Marquette University’s Athletics Ticket Office. While employed during her freshman year, she was chosen among many to become an intern for the NBA team, the Milwaukee Bucks where balanced an entry-level marketing internship position. 

Although other college students were content with their current standing and careers, Awino pursued an opportunity with leading record label, Atlantic Records, home of many talented artists. Through research and contact with current college rep members, Awino was granted the opportunity to represent Atlantic Records in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Awino hit the ground running by developing and producing one of the largest meet-and-greet her area has seen. Holding that event near and dear to her heart, Awino decided that the time had come for her to jumpstart her own entertainment-based company. 

After researching current women executives, she too realized that there was a lack of women in high ranking positions amongst elite companies. This discovery ignited the ammunition behind her company, Eminence Entertainment. 

With experience ranging from promotions to radio to sports sales, Awino has allowed herself to fill the college void within entertainment with Eminence. Not letting education fall to the wayside, Awino made education the number one requirement to become a member of her team by requiring all members to be enrolled in an educational institution with a specific grade point average or higher. Unlike other companies that house such teams, Awino puts strong emphasis on learning saying, “I’m a really big stickler for education.” 

In conjunction with her diligence, keenness, and familiarity with her respective industry, Awino is also devoted to success among the college circuit and offering opportunities for other yearning individuals who may not have the ultimate connection. As a native of Kenya, Africa, Awino is woman with a diverse ethnic background and entices many by speaking multiple languages which include Spanish, Swahili, and Luo. With various talents and abilities, Awino utilizes all opportunities given. 

Ivy Awino is an exceptional entrepreneur who offers support and guidance to all others to thrive in every venture they pursue. She looks to house talented, enthusiastic, and skillful people, who will lend a hand in leaving an impact within the college circuit. She is an undeniable networker and enthusiast that creates well-built effective relationships in all of her ventures.

To contact Ivy Awino, please send inquiries to or visit her company on Twitter at or on Facebook at 


1. What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as a DJ? 

I like to think of myself as someone who is constantly seeking out music. Always looking to break a record. I like to ensure that people have a good time and are exposed to variety. 

2. How long have you been in the DJ Game?

Truth be told, not very long. Just for about 6 months or so now. I am definitely working everyday to improve my skill set. 

3. How did you get started DJ’ing?

My “big brother” DJ Adamocity basically left his turntables at my house after I had asked him to show me how to DJ. He showed me the basics, and I just work to refine those skills before moving developing more complex ones. 

4. Where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I moved to Dallas, TX at the age of 9. 

5. How is it working on a Hip-Hop/R&B show at a university like Marquette?

It is actually a lot of fun. The students are very diverse when it comes to taste in music. However, I believe that I do cater to a demographic and genre that haven’t always received a majority of coverage on campus. 

6. What artists/DJ’s in the industry inspire you the most today? Why is that?

I look up to DJ Diamond Kutz a lot. She has managed to do really big things while maintaining modesty as a woman in a male dominated industry. I admire J. Cole so much. His work and personal ethics should be highly regarded. Not to mention that his music is inspiring. I listen to so much and look up to so many people, especially every DJ in Milwaukee who have helped me. DJ Infotek, DJ O, DJ Stretch, DJ Hot Sauce, DJ Gee-A, DJ Nustylez, DJ Quis B, DJ Curly, DJ FMFC, and the list goes on. 

7. How is it being a female DJ in a industry dominated by men?

I try not to think about it in that regard. I feel as though people try to place more emphasis on the fact that I am a woman as opposed to what I do on the tables. I would like my skills to be judged and not my gender. But it’s cool.

8. What is your dream gig?

I am so weird for this but I would love to have DJ’d a party in the 90s with Fatman Scoop as the hype man. He is so live!

9. What do you think of the hip-hop scene here in Milwaukee? Any favorite artists or performers?

I actually love it. There is so much talent here, it is unbelievable. Because of my radio show, I have had the pleasure of working closely with several people. I think that Prophetic is well on his way to great things. The Cranberry Show are another great group from here. I could go on and on. I have met so many people who have the drive and talent to make it a long way. 

10. What makes you different from other DJ’s today?

I respect the craft and intend to master it to the best of my ability. I feel like with the technology today, it is really easy to get away with not fine tuning technique. I aspire to do that. I care a lot about music as well. 

11. Are there any events coming up in the future for you?

Several! Several in the immediate future. Several in the long run. I will be hosting a few events in February. Stay tuned for more information. 

12. Any shout outs you want to give? Do you accept material from artists? How can they reach you?

I always shout out my mom. And yes, they can send it to

13. Finally, we know you are a social media ‘addicted’ DJ, where can we find you online?


Amerikas Addiction would like to thank DJ Poizon Ivy for taking time out of her busy schedule to do an interview with us! All of you up-coming artists better think about contacting her and networking and sending your records to her ASAP before she blows up and leaves Milwaukee in the dust! We wish DJ Poizon Ivy much continued success on her journey through the music industry!

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