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Dizon Dreams
I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”
Every dream requires a dynamic team. Dizon Dreams helps brands and artists turn a creative vision into a game plan. We’re passionate about helping creatives reach the next level of success and do everything from PR to social media to events. We also host hip-hop dance parties in Los Angeles. 
Can you tell us about your work with your company Dizon Dreams? How long have you been in the business? Why did you create Dizon Dreams?
Dizon Dreams started back in 2015, it came out of a need. Living in Los Angeles, we recognized there’s so many dreamers, but not enough doers. Our mission with Dizon Dreams is to turn those creative dreams into a reality with action. This can be anything from launching a PR campaign, to increasing social media following and engagement to planning an album release party. We do what we love everyday and at the end of the day, that’s what life is all about. We’re passionate about working with the same people who have this winning mentality.
Can you take us into a day of your life? From when you wake up until you go to sleep…even if its only 4-5 hours of sleep!
There’s a saying that goes “I don’t have a 9-5, I have a ‘when I open my eyes- to when I close my eyes'” and we find this very true. To start the day, we begin with prayer, meditation, and a sense of gratitude. We’re thankful for the opportunity to be of value within our community and aim to reflect that in our actions and daily efforts. We usually schedule a morning meeting to highlight our client goals and schedule the day according to our agenda. 
Take us behind the scenes, into your world. What makes an event, a good event?
A good event is all about the energy of the crowd and the music. The best dance parties we’ve had have been when the DJs we’re playing good music and the crowd was full of life. We want everyone dancing at our parties. No wallflowers allowed, and nothing but positive vibes! 
Who are some of the people/organizations that you have worked with?
We’ve had great opportunities to work with some of my favorite brands: NIKE, Capitol Records, WB and hip-hop artists including Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige. Right now we’re working with The Pharcyde, HBK CJ, and Gaffer & Child.
Can you tell us how it is being a female business owner? Do you face any unique challenges or glass ceilings?
Being a female business owner is a challenge, but it’s about being a boss and having a positive attitude. People underestimate us, but there’s power in being underestimated. We enjoy going beyond what people expect of us. 
Are there any people and/or companies that you are inspired by? What makes them inspirational to you?
Diddy definitely inspires Dizon Dreams. He’s the ultimate hustler. Gary Vee is someone super inspirational as well. He builds brand equity and that’s what we believe it’s all about, giving and developing the value of a brand. 
I have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your fashion, acting and business pursuits and how you live your life?
Do what you desire is the foundation of creating a career you love. If you’re not using your talents to create and manifest a job you love, you’re playing yourself. And as our good friend DJ Khaled reminds us, don’t ever play yourself. There’s so many ways to can get paid to do what you love. It’s about focusing on what you want, finding your strengths and using your skills to help solve a problem. 
How can we find out more about you and your work online? Facebook? Twitter? IG? Snapchat? Website?
Follow us at @DizonDreams for a behind the scenes actions in Hollywood and our daily hustle. To learn more about what we do you can also visit
Are there any last words of wisdom or advice?
Do more than you talk. Surround yourself with a great team, and strive daily to improve your craft. Fuel your desire by your daily efforts because at the end of the day, the world goes to the doers. 
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