Doing What You Desire with Chase N Cashe

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I would like to start off by asking, how is everything in the world of Chase N Cashe?

All is well I have no complaints because I am blessed and favored by the Universe. Putting the final touches on my next release “Cashe Rules 2” and continuing to shoot videos for songs off my latest drop “The Heir Up There 2” staying busy.

What would you say to someone who walked up to you on the street and asked, what do you do?

I tell people that I’m a musician and businessman because that gives a good sum of what I do on the daily. I do many things that fall under the umbrella of the music business. Above all I would say that I’m a Creator.

I like to ask people to take me back to their beginnings, their childhood, your “come up”! Can you tell me how you began in music?

My start in creating music came from an infatuation with music made by Mannie Fresh, Timbaland & Missy, and the Neptunes during the early and mid 2000’s. Growing up in New Orleans you are born with an ear for all types of music but when the digital production wave started to grow I found it very attractive. I was never into computers or anything technology based except for video games before I fell in love with making music. I became a fan of Jay-Z by listening to Juvenile “HA” remix and that’s what introduced me to NYC rap. Once I got a hold of classic NYC mixtapes I started feeling more involved with the culture.

Did you always picture yourself doing music and getting paid for your creativity?

Not at all because I wanted to be a professional basketball player like most kids growing up at the time because Sports was a huge thing to be involved with. I knew so many people who did music for a living when I was young that I didn’t think you could get paid for it. I always saw it as a hobby because in New Orleans people do music just because it’s around us all the time. I didn’t start seeing the money in music until shows like MTV Cribs and BET How I’m Living started showing my favorite artists lifestyle off the camera.

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Can you take us into your creative mind? What is your process, if there is any? Do you think creativity is taught or are we born creative?

My creative process starts with gathering as much influences as I can so I can study the details then trim the fat down. I like simplicity. Simplicity is profound to me. I tend to try new things all the time but my simplistic approach is what allows me to do it without alienating the person digesting my music. I think we are all born creative and it’s up to us to teach ourselves or find a mentor who can teach us enough at first to where we learn how to guide ourselves down the line as time passes. Everyone is a creative though. Fixing your own hamburger is creative. It’s all in how you look at it.

I am very big into reading and gaining knowledge from others wisdom. With that being said, can you tell us about your book, “Life is Good & Generous” ? What inspired you to become something like a hip-hop Tony Robbins?

My book “Life is Good & Generous” actually started off as #LifeInstructions tweets I used to do years back that I would see get retweeted periodically by my supporters. People used to tell me all the time to write a book but my idea of writing a book was the old way of penning one as an author. As a kid I always loved pop-out picture books so I took some ideas from that and combined it with the feel of twitter. It’s amazing how many people are supporting the book. When you open the book and see the layout it gives you the feel of when you first came across the tweet. You even get to see the date and photos of some of my supporters which can strike up some memories such as what you were doing the day you came across the tweet. The Tony Robbins comparison is very appreciated but I’m more along the lines of an Eric Thomas. I give out my experiences in a language that this young generation can grasp quickly because they’re used to using social media to gather influences. I just want the book to keep growing to where I can do in-store signings and much more.

You are a one of the deeper thinkers in the music world, can you tell us how you feel about the presidential election? Do you think voting is important?

I honestly don’t feel any type of way about it. I think voting is important if you find politics interesting. I personally don’t find politics interesting. I’ve never felt like the President of the Nation determined how well I would live. I do know the influence that comes with someone being in that position and I respect it entirely but am not moved by it. I pay attention to people like Elon Musk, Carl Icahn, & Dr. Claud Anderson, & other people who are into creativity & big business.

What are your plans for 2016? Are you currently working on anything that you can share?

I’m releasing the sequel to “Cashe Rules” this Spring / Summer and I have a whole lot of production coming out so just stay tuned to all my social media connects like Twitter, IG, & SnapChat. I always keep people up to date. I’m like my own CNN. It’s CNC TV.

We have a saying/mantra/way of life known as “Do What You Desire” aka #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your life and the legacy you are leaving behind?

I do what I desire everyday so it fully applies to me. I desire to set good examples by doing what I love to do. What I love to do is create in the art realm. I’m blessed to have influence so I don’t take it lightly. I have a feeling I will big one of the biggest artists in this generation. I want to have a musical legacy that extends to my family because Bob Marley inspires me a ton. I’m here to make the best music I can so my family tree can live off of it and continue to operate a good standing respected business that can give back and contribute in the community.

How can we find out more about you and your creations online? Website? IG?

You can follow me on Twitter @ChaseNCashe and on Instagram @TheHeir. My SnapChat name is CNC504. You can watch all of my videos on YouTube by searching Chase N. Cashe. Subscribe to the CBR SoundCloud by visiting and you can get all the music from new to old. Every Saturday at 7PM PST and Sunday 9PM PST you can hear me on Dash Radio #TheCut Station with the “King of Kings” Podcast which is also available for free in the iTunes store. “The Heir Up There 2” is out now on and my artist BankSkee’s debut project “LuLu” is available on LiveMixtapes & SpinRilla. You can purchase the book “Life is Good & Generous” from

Are there any last words of wisdom or advice for your fans, supporters and those of us who are trying to “make it” in any creative field?

All the ones who “make it” are the ones who never quit. You don’t have to know it all to live your dream but you do have to give it your all. You gotta invest all the positive energy you can into your creations so people can feel you whether they pay for it or not.

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