Interview with Corey Demon – Creator of Stolic Kidd


Good day Corey Demon! How is every thing in your world of fashion?

Whats going on Josh everything in my world of fashion is Just GREVYI. forever will be.

I always like to ask, what would you say to someone if they came up to you asked “What do you do?”

Man everytime someone come up ask me what I do I say everything. Lol! But seriously, I hate that question because 1. I do a lot and it can come off not serious about your craft or kinda of cocky. To answer your question WHAT DO YOU DO? I am an actor & a wardrobe stylist, that has his own clothing brand.


What inspired you to get into the fashion styling and modeling world?

Why do all men do things WOMEN!! A women told me i should model I tried it it work! Lbs! As far as styling it just happened. I was managing a artist and he needed a shoot so I styled it myself. I just fill the void. I can do things better than most people so I do it myself. But styling is a way of life for me, it wasn’t forced at all!

You are also an actor! I read that you work with Gill Hayes. Are there any movies or shows that you have been in?

Yes I am an actor and yes I am signed with them! They are a great agency!

You can find me on Chicago Fire episodes 415 and 416. I am also a few independent films and shorts.


Acting is much harder than people think, I was an extra on Empire and realized that it is something that you have to have passion and a great work ethic for. Can you tell us about your approach to acting? Is there anyone you study or find inspiration from?

My whole approach to acting is… DON’T ACT. To be real as possible! I haven’t got the opportunity to dive into a big role that makes me have to really break down and develop who that person is, but everyday I prepare myself. I people watch, study different mannerisms of people. My favorite actors are Sean Penn, Robert DeNiro and Denzel Washington.

Can you tell us about your work with PRSVR? How long did you work there as a creative director?

Prsvr was a platform that was given to me to learn, practice, sharpen and showcase All I can do! I was a creative director for 4 years!

Bowe Studio - Artist: Brentton Wilson

Explain to us, in your words, what is “Image” and how important is it in business and artistry?

To me Image is Perception! Its whatever people perceive it to be, but its the most important thing I believe when it comes to being a artist and having a business! Your image is like the sign on the building on Michigan Ave! The displays and mannequins in the window! Its the first thing people see or hear about you, its important because most people don’t know about you!

Do you think that we are all born with creativity? Or is it something that we can learn?

I feel God gives us all gifts some more than others. I feel in this age creativity is mass produced. its kind of a joke! I feel you can sharpen what you have already inside of you! What you do with that knowledge or how it comes out well that itself separates one from another!


You recently have started your own brand of clothing “Stolic”/Stolic Kidd” Can you tell us more about it and what it stands for? What type of clothes do you create?

Stolic – Stolic kidd is a brand I started 3 and half years ago! I started because I became aware of my influence in the world of fashion and was tired of making everyone else money!

STOLIC MEANS Sent to overachieve lead in Class I use kidd because its the most humble form a man can come as. So if you are a Humble sent messenger everyone will listen and pay attention! Its alot more to the name so be on the look out for videos and post at @stolickidd

I have a saying here “DO WHAT YOU DESIRE” or #DWYD. How does that apply to what you are doing with your fashion, acting and business pursuits and how you live your life?

#DWYD – This phrase is ME. Often I feel I do to much. There is a saying ‘jack of all trades master of none’, but I feel that does not apply to me! Each one of my crafts I put in countless of hours sharpening my tool! I feel I am the best and working towards being the best in all categories! In Gods time all will see! So I do what I desire to do no matter what people say or think.

How can we find out more about you and your work online? Facebook? Twitter? IG? Snapchat? Website?

instagram/twitter @corey_demon
snapchat hollywoodgrinch
facebook Corey De Mon

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