Interview with Jenny Christian

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My name is Joshua Scarver and I am the man behind the scenes here at #DoWhatYouDesire! Throughout my personal life and since the beginning of #DWYD aka #DoWhatYouDesire – I have always been supported by WOMEN. The people who have #DWYD tattooed on them are WOMEN, the people who have supported the #DWYD apparel are WOMEN and the people who have the overwhelming majority of supporting my Toy & Book Drive are WOMEN and WOMEN OWNED businesses. In my time of interacting with women from a diverse group of backgrounds, the one thing I have noticed and also have been told by women is that there are not many men who are advocating for them in the workplace and even in society in general. After realizing how much I am supported by women and after hearing countless stories of this lack of men, I have decided to dedicate my time and resources to seeking out women from all walks of life who want to tell their stories to the world via interviews. I have decided to name this “Interviews With Women Who Will Inspire You To #DoWhatYouDesire” – cheesy, maybe, but inspiring, YES!

My first interview is Jenny Marie Christian who has been featured here before! Since her last interview she has grown even more as a person and is inspiring more people than ever by just being herself and letting her natural talents shine through. I feel that Jenny Marie Christian and what she does in her life will inspire many young women and girls to pursue their talents and go all in on there calling, no matter what the obstacles are! I hope that you enjoy reading about her and take some time to learn about what she does and be inspired to #DoWhatYouDesire!



I would like to start off by saying welcome back Jenny! Its been awhile since we have last talked! How is everything going in your world?
Hiiiii!!!! Yeah it’s been a while, but that’s okay!!! I know you’ve been busy and still got my back!! Lol

I am grateful for you being apart of my 52 Women Who Will Inspire You To #DoWhatYouDesire! Can you please tell me more about who you are? What would you tell a stranger who struck up a conversation with you…

Well first thank you for considering me, it’s truly an honor that I appreciate to be selected.

Whenever some says “tell me about yourself”, I say “what specifically do you want to know”.. lol

I answer that way because oddly I get awkward when rambling about myself. I never want to sound boastful or self-absorbed.

A little about me, I’m an author, speaker, on air/ media personality, blogger, actress and most importantly an ambassador for Christ.

Can you take me back to your childhood, you being in school, you know, growing up…what do you remember about it? How did it shape you into what you are today?

My most memorable or impactful memories from childhood is mostly being with my parents. My life was quite sheltered and I was either with my mom or my dad at all times. Because of that I realized how both of my parents enjoyed what they did for a living. My father a blues singer, my mother a preschool teacher and Sunday school teacher, my stepfather a navy man and realtor.

What I realized early from them is that I wanted to do what I loved and I wanted to somehow have an impact on others.

Tell me more about your work with speaking, moderating & hosting events year! What have been some of the things that you have done? What are your future plans?

Well most of my work is in the field of radio and media correspondence because of that I’ve been blessed to be invited to speak at events to empower women, sit on panels for empowerment tours or promote my books. It’s rare that I host events because that’s not my thing. Thus far I’ve only moderated one panel discussion. However I expect much more in the near future. More books, more blogs, more acting, more shows and more speaking engagements.

I know that you are very passionate about religion & spirituality! Can you tell us more about how your faith has helped you in your journey in life? How do you keep faith in times of darkness?

I’m not necessarily passionate about religion per se, but I’m on fire and full of faith in God. My faith in Jesus and his plan for my life has been what’s holding me and pushing me to continue to succeed with joy and hope. More of my faith based writings and story can be found on my website

In times of frustration and distress I’ve learned to hope in God and trust in his plan for my life.

I wanted to do these interviews after going to women’s empowerment conferences and meeting many entrepreneurial and powerful women at them. One thing they discussed is that women still are not on equal ground with men and that more men need to advocate for equality in gender. Can you tell me how men should advocate for equal treatment, equal wages and equal respect for women?

There is a great deal of truth that men are often paid more, respected more and valued more. We’d need Men to first see a woman as an equal before they can effectively create a strategic and effective plan to advocate on our behalf to bring about true change and equality.

In life, we all face greatness and heartaches in every avenue of life…can you tell me What have been your biggest accomplishments? Biggest setbacks? How did you overcome them?

My biggest accomplishments have yet to come. I’ve had some moments that have made me quite proud of myself, but the best has yet to come.

As far as how I deal with setbacks, it goes back to my faith and God. God doesn’t waste pain or pressured moments. Setbacks I look at as setups for comebacks. Every storm is positioning you perfectly for your purpose.

Is there anything else that people may not know you are passionate about that you’d like to let our readers know about?

My passion is to pour into people and love on people. I’m a hope dealer. As long as you have hope, you have enough to keep going. So everything I do and in every genre you’ll feel my passion to push others.

My mantra and brand is #DoWhatYouDesire – what does #DoWhatYouDesire stand for in your words? 

Do what feels right for your journey and your path.

How can we find out more about you and your books and your events? Facebook? Twitter? Website? Instagram? Snapchat?

IG|Twitter|Facebook @jennymchristian


Can you provide us some last words of wisdom or advice for a woman who has faced hardships, set backs or loss? 

Cast your cares, concerns, hurts, and frustration on God. He will fill every void. Heal every hurt and restore everything that was lost.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.