Interview with Marnie Schneider, founder of Keep On Playing!

FullSizeRender (1)If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your response?

I run a foundation for youth athletics called Keep On Playing!

Can you take us back in the past and tell us the story of your life? What inspired you become who you are today? Was there a moment or moments in your life that shaped you to become the person you are today?

I have been very blessed and I have been able to be around and learn from amazing people from all walks of life who have inspired me to make a difference every day and to do what I say I’m going to do.  I have learned to listen to what people are telling you. Listening is a skill that takes discipline and patience but always adds value! If you want, I will send you my bio!


Tell us about your new foundation, Keep On Playing! What is it all about? How did you start it? What are your plans for it?

Keep On Playing is a family expression that is exactly what it says, in life no matter what to get anywhere you must keep on playing! I have learned that when you love what you do it’s play and fun in addition to that KOP is encouraging children not to give up. We work with community centers and rec centers with our PRO resources of MLB and NFL to get kids clinics, equipment, experiences at PRO games, motivational material and information on healthy ways to eat! I started KOP when I realized that just getting kids equipment was a handout and that felt like it was the end of the road. KOP is a FULL program to enhance everyones mind, body and spirit! The leaders at the rec centers love it and the kids and the teams we work with and the community leaders all recognize the importance of game and life changing moments when you Keep On Playing!


You are an advocate of sports and the value of team work and developing yourself, especially children. Can you tell our readers how these principles are and have improved the children that you have worked with?

Sports promote healthy minds bodies and spirits that teach you ow to play together participate and cooperate with each other all skills that we must have to function properly in the world and also give you coping skills and keep you away from bad habits!!! Team mates and coaches keep you safe!

Your grandfather was the late great Leonard Tose. Can you tell us more about your memories of him, his legacy with The Philadelphia Eagles and The Ronald McDonald. How important of an influence has he been on your life and your calling?

My grandfather would always say “what do we have to do to get it done!” In 40 years the Ronald McDonald House has had tremendous success and is the crown jewel in our family legacy! He was the owner that would write the BIG checks to the players, coaches and staff. He knew how how to motivate and inspire people and being around him was FUN! My Grandfather taught me that Civility is NOT a sign of weakness and that it is my role to help others and be a leader!


You recently wrote a book! Can you tell us more about it? What is your mission and goal for the book?

I wrote a children book called Football Frankie it’s about my experiences growing up in the world of Pro Football but teaches you about friendship and respect and LOVE!  My plan is to get it into every Ronald McDonald House and the proceeds will go to Keep On Playing!

You live a very fulfilled life, which is rare, so I’d like to ask you if you could share with me your greatest triumph and also, your lowest moment in life and how you overcame it! I ask this because I think we all need some inspiration to keep us playing in the game of life.

My oldest son had cancer – Neuroblastoma at 9 months old he had surgery to remove his tumor and did chemo and didn’t walk or talk till he was 5 and now he’s 16 and playing football  and he is a great kid who is a nice person and a good student and a great son, grandson and friend!

I look at low points this way. It is an opportunity to show myself what I am capable of. I try to not be reckless with other peoples feelings and using proper communication, because it is important to be able to stay away from drama and stress. I guess making the decision to end my marriage 8 years ago was a tough decision because I could have stayed. He is a nice guy but we were not a perfect fit.  I didn’t want to rob him of finding his ideal mate and I knew that mine was out there. I want the people I love to have the best life ever,  especially my kids because they only get one childhood. You can’t do childhood over, so that’s why it is so important to help kids all over who may not be as blessed as mine!

I have learned a lot from sports. The time out is the best thing ever. I even give myself a time out. I have an egg timer and I allow myself 2 minutes to regroup then I get back on the field and do what I have to do! That’s what I love about sports. It is the lessons we learn from watching the best play! They can’t dwell on a bad play or a missed call. They have to refocus and go do it!

I give people a lot of chances, maybe too many, but I want people to be patient with me too. I view everyone I encounter as someone’s sweet precious BABY.  When they were born into this world, their mother had dreams for them and they are on their own journey and I’m not better than anyone. I love meeting new people and learning about them and their life and what their triggers are. What makes them happy and then doing that to help them! Being able to make people laugh and smile and feel safe and comfortable is what makes me HAPPY!! Being a provider is a compliment and I am proud that I can provide for my kids and show them my definition of being a good person. Then they can go and create their own definition!

We have a mantra, a lifestyle called #DoWhatYouDesire aka #DWYD – can you tell us how this applies to your life and all of the amazing work that you do?

I desire to be a leader and create a legacy of making a difference.  Every thing I do has a breath of life and I have to make really solid decisions because people are donating to me and my foundation. I am so grateful for people, so I make sure that everything I desire is about making anyone who has helped me see the positive results!

Where can we find out more about you, your Keep On Playing Foundation and your book!? Website? Facebook? Twitter? 

All of the above!

Finally, are there any final words of wisdom or life advice that you’d like to share with the readers?

Joshua I think that being open to making new friends and accepting people for who they are and loving what makes them happy is the best way to love yourself first! The Golden Rule is always the best! DO unto Others as you would have them do unto YOU!

I am SOOOOO thankful that you find me interesting enough to want to feature me Joshua!! You are very special and smart and I believe IN YOU!

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