Interview with Suicide Intervention Coach Arielle Caputo


If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked “What do you do?” what would be your response?

I often say “I’m in the business of being happy.” And people often laugh and then I say I am a suicide intervention coach and also work at a film studio for the time being.

Can you tell us about how you got involved in charitable work? I read your story on the Huffington Post, but I want to hear it from your words, your feelings and your life. What were your influences to pursue it?

2013 was a rough year; I was extremely depressed and crying all the time. One day after crying non stop, I sat down and started thinking about it all. And all of a sudden a thought shocked me: I have been crying non stop; in the grocery store, class, the library, in my car, on the bus… and not one person ever stopped and said “Miss are you ok?”  I was shocked. But more importantly I was like oh my, how many people did I pass by and I had no clue they were crying? It was that moment, I said, “Ok, enough is enough.” I feel like I am screaming on the top of my lungs for help, yet no one seems to hear me. I am looking for someone to lean on, someone to hold my hand, someone’s shoulder to cry on. That is it, from this point on I am going to be that person for everyone and anyone who needs it. We always hear, If you want love then spread love. Or put love and good out and it will always come back. So I purposed in my heart to do one random good deed a day. Then I started posting my IG videos hoping to encourage others. If you go back to the first few video posts, I am literally crying. I then went and got Suicide Certified so I could be properly trained on how to respond and help others. I had found my happiness, my inner peace and my passion in life. I wanted to show others that is it possible and the how to. So I wrote, “Love You.Me.We. Read more to find out my story.

You are advocate for Suicide Prevention, especially for teenagers. I know that you experienced your own bouts with love, loss, loneliness and inner turmoil. What was the one spark that happened inside of you that caused you to change your life?

One day enough was enough. I was done crying. I was done feeling this way, poor me. And I started my Instagram thinking I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way. And I started receiving a bombardment of suicidal posts, DMs, comments, messages…and was like wow you have to call the hotline and many people kept saying nooo we want to talk to you, we know you, they are a cold stranger on the other end of the phone. So I said you know what I am going to get suicide certified. And there happened to be a program near me that fit my hours and budget and I got suicide certified right away. And then that led to me wanting to start my own support group.


I read that you began with a simple Instagram post, a video, then that simple video spread to many others who have felt like you. What was your reaction, to the reaction? What did you do next?  

It was over whelming. I started with 20 followers in September, by January I had 1k by June I had 10k. I realized I was on to something. Now my day doesn’t feel complete unless I’ve started it by making my 15 sec motivational power thoughts.

You created a beautiful and inspirational website, Dream Endlessly, Actively Pursue. Can you please tell us more about it? What is all on there?

So when I decided I was going to find self love, and to discover happiness… I would look for books, podcasts, websites I could go to every day to help me get my mind set in the right direction. I found a couple. But nothing I really liked. So that was the goal of my site to create a go to place to offer a pick-me-up and or help you get motivated for the day. I also started doing a lot of charity events and had a lot of people wanting to help so my website allows people to see all the upcoming events and how they can participate.

You also authored a book! “Love You. Me. We: Your Daily Year-Long Journey to Happiness” Can you tell us more about that? How did you even find time to create your own book?

I started January of 2014 and my goal was to release to the world on June 18th, which I did!!! I just started. I basically disappeared from the world for 6 months and set aside time every single day to work on it. It was a book of love that’s for sure. I kept saying someone should write a book about this… and one of my good friends had just finished his and was like do it! It’s easy. So he guided me through it and I self published through Amazon and hosted a huge book release June of 18th in Los Angeles, CA. Definitely one of the greatest feelings in the world receiving that first copy in the mail after all the hard work and labor poured into it.

I personally believe the people who have felt the most “pain” are the ones who fight past it and inspire many. Can you tell us your greatest setbacks? Can you tell us your greatest achievements? Can you tell us how they shaped the person that you look at in the mirror today?

Ahaha no actually. I am a firm believer in things that don’t make you feel good we do not need to talk about. I don’t need to relieve the pain nor does any one else. Life is about feeling good not telling sad tales to convince people we have been through hard times.

In short I have been homeless, I have gone through a painful car accident so I know physical pain with herniated disks, fractured feet, dislocated pelvis, 2nd degree burns…

I have hit rock bottom. Where you feel helpless, hopeless. I felt ugly and unattractive. I Hid from all mirrors and cameras.

All those “hard times” or “setbacks” are what create empathy. I’ve been there I understand. I’ve hit rock bottom. But I’m also not there any more J so I’ve seen what it takes to come out and how easy you can change your life around. Sometimes life is a catapult pulls us (what seems to be backwards) only to shoot us that much further to our goals!

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD, how does that apply to you and your lifestyle?

Oh definitely agree! Do what makes you FEEL good. Feeling good is the key to manifestation. Feeling good inspires action. Do what ever you can every day to help you feel good. Listen to good music, eat your favorite food, do things you love.

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Are there any last words of encouragement that you’d like to give our readers?

Garbage in garbage out. Same goes for happiness and positivity in happiness and positivity out. You have to constantly fill up your environment, mind, home, work place with positivity. Happiness is something we choose everyday. Just like yesterdays shower doesn’t work for today. Read good books, listen to motivational podcasts as you are getting ready for the day. Set alarm clocks on your smart phone with positive reminders. There are lots of little new healthy habits you can incorporate that will help you along your transformation.

Are there any shout outs that you would like to give?!

There are many supportive people. Nick with @epicgood. Tony with Seven Seas Tea LLC, there is @faithhopeloveproject … I could write a looooong list lol.

Where can we find out more about you and what you do? Websites? IG? Twitter? FaceBook?

My Instagram’s and websites are where you can find me!



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