Interview with Llewellyn

IMG_1755If someone came up to you on the street and asked, what do you do? What would you say to them?
My response has been I’m menswear designer.

Some may know, I am a lover of fashion and style. What inspired you to pursue fashion?
I’m a historian and lover of art. When I was a child I wrote and illustrated a lot of stories. The wardrobe of these characters played a vital role in the story telling. The wardrobe of people in history for some reason always stuck with me. I knew being a designer was what I was meant to do in 8th grade. A classmate brought his successful uncle ,who was a designer, fashion illustrations in class. As cheesy as it sounds the light bulb clicked and everything made sense.

Are you trained? Or is this all raw talent?
I do have formal training from design school. However my best training came from being in the industry, on the job training.

You have some very intriguing designs, what goes on in your mind to turn them into reality?
When designing I’m thinking of 3 things. They are, my consumer’s needs, my artistic expression and construction. They all need to work harmoniously for a garment to be successful in my eyes. My goal to make wearable, bold yet classic pieces. The Llewellyn man is not just noticed, he’s remembered for his style.

Whats is Llewellyn? Where did the name come from?
This is a question I get asked often. I feel bad there’s no illustrious philosophical answer. Llewellyn is my father and mine middle name. Ours is pronounced “El low when”. The brand Llewellyn is pronounced “Lou Ellen”. I picked this name for its androgynous nature that marries to my design aesthetic. Llewellyn is welsh for two distinct things that describe the brand. Lion like and Shiney one.

Whats your take on today’s fashion/style? Your honest take.
The historian in me loves that new consumers are discovering old fashion houses. That younger designers are being taken seriously as brands. I love that people are taking risks. Dressing is a fun experience and should be thought of that way. While still being respectful of the multi billion dollar industry that it is.
What’s disheartening is the struggle the industry is for black designers. As well as the too easily thrown around label of designer and stylist.

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or #DWYD. What does that mean to you and your passion?
For me it’s an affirmation to be present in the moment with a goal in mind. Live your experiences while learning from them to reach that goal.

Where can we find more of your work?
Llewellyn can be found in our online store:

Twitter: @LlewellynBrand

Instagram @llewellynofficial

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Interview with poet, model, and aesthetician Ely Miche

(Photo credit: Ruko Photo)

Ely Miche – If someone random stranger came up to you in the street and asked, what do you do? What would you say to them?
– Well, I’m an aesthetician, model, makeup artist, bartender, and poet, but hopefully whomever approached me would start off with an introduction. I prefer to shake a hand before saying too much about myself. Comes off a little arrogant and I prefer to make a good impression. 🙂


By far, you are one of the most talented stylists, MUA’s and models in this region, where did you learn all of your skills? Are you self taught? Or formally trained? How did your story begin?
– Oh dear! I’m flattered you feel that way. 🙂 I’m always learning. I’ve been a makeup nerd since I joined theater in middle school, teaching myself and reading and watching FashionTV as much as I could to learn how the models on the runways got to be there and how their makeup looked so perfect. Modeling is not something I was naturally good at. I shot up like 5in when I was 12 and suddenly I was an awkward 6’0″ tall 13 year old high school freshman who was too clumsy for sports and too shy to really make friends, but all I wanted to do was model. I have a unique look and body shape, so it’s taken a lot of years of practice and developing self-confidence to be able to rock a shoot or a runway since I never had role model who looked like me. Modeling is all about self-awareness and the ability to seduce a camera or an audience. It’s all practice and observation, intuition, and acting.
When you are modeling, what is going through your mind? 
– It depends on the style of shoot. With runway I’m almost always thinking terribly conceited things. “All of you want me and none of you can have me.” Haha! Thinking overly confident thoughts on a runway sends that energy to the crowd and relays it in photos, but in a good way. Before and after a walk I’m usually shaking like crazy and soooo nervous. That never goes away. During shoots it’s really about acting the part. Understanding the feel the designer or stylist or photographer is looking for and going with it. That’s what makes them fun.


Do you believe that ‘racism’ or discrimination exists in the fashion/beauty industry? Have you had any personal experiences that you desire to share with us?
– It’s funny because being biracial, being raised in a small Wisconsin farm town, and then moving to Milwaukee, has kind of formed me into a chameleon. I’ve done a lot of different type of work, and really the only discrimination I’ve found is based on size. Being “ethnically ambiguous” (as a former agent once called me) has actually been a bit of a blessing in getting different types of work, but being a size 8 in a size 2 or smaller fashion world where plus size is rare and starts at size 12 has been a roller coaster. At 27 years old I’ve decided to stop giving a shit and try out for any show or shoot regardless of size or race or whatever. Skin color is the silliest way of judging a person.
What do feel Milwaukee’s and the Midwest in general, is lacking in its fashion scene? Who are some people that are trying to change the aesthetic? What would you do change it or broaden the horizon?
– The only thing missing from the Milwaukee fashion scene is the money to pay the people working their asses off to keep it afloat and the budget to increase the quality and quantity of output for original MKE designers’ designs. We need more eyes with wallets on our work. Rachel Frank, Timothy Westbrook, Linda Marcus, and Chelsea Stotts are blazing huge trails in the MKE design world right now. Their work is pure art and NEEDS to be front and center. They’re all doing serious work from their tiny apartments and studios and churning out VOGUE-worthy pieces. Also, a little fantasy of mine is for MKE to have our own paparazzi. Can you imagine? TMZ MKE. I’m in. Haha.
You can be quite open, outspoken and intelligently opinionated. What are your feelings on all of the recent Police Vs Civilian violence? Any thoughts on the Same-Sex marriage argument?
– Something that we all tend to forget in all aspects of political issues, injustices, and social disputes is that we do not have to pick sides. And in fact, picking sides blindly is what tends to cause the most problems. I refuse to assume that the intentions of any person are inherently evil. I refuse to label someone as an enemy solely based on their occupation, race, the way they were raised, etc. I think we need to have more conversations, person to person, and fewer press conferences. I think we as humans need to step down off our soap boxes and start listening. I think that anger is an emotion like fire, meant to be a catalyst for change. But, like fire, anger should be used carefully because before you know it, all the things we have created will be destroyed. Murder is murder and we as humans need to evolve beyond seeing it as a solution for anything. Ever.
-And on same sex marriage: As a makeup artist, lesbian weddings are very big business 🙂 I’m kidding. Love is the one thing we should never put laws on because it’s the only thing that can save us. Plus I’m gonna marry whomever I want. So fuck it.


What are your thoughts on today’s society? Are we ‘oversexed’? Grossly “misinformed” on important issues? Do we have too many “problems” and not enough solutions?
– There is no Us vs. Them. There is only us. If our society needs anything is more love, meditation, and education. Not structured education, but the knowledge and the tools to form our own unique opinions on things that matter to our lives and basic skills for how to survive. On your death bed, are you really going to care what Kim Kardashian wore to her second wedding? But maybe if you were able to sit down and meditate on your life, your memories, your own mistakes and lessons, you’d find peace within yourself enough to stop blindly fighting and start giving a shit about what really matters.
We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply #DWYD. How does that apply to you and your life? 
– To me, #DWYD is about knowing what you want out of life and going and getting that shit because you deserve it. Not only that, but respecting that everybody else out there has the right and the power to do the same damn thing, so we might as well do it together.


How can we find out more about you? Hell, how can we get an Ely Miche experience up close and personal! 
– Oh my! Well I’m on IG @elymiche and I’m kind of a Facebook addict, posting like twice a day (promise, no BS). Otherwise you can find me tending bar at Fink’s on Humboldt or partying at Rumor Upbeat Lounge on weekends. But God help you if you don’t introduce yourself first and behave. I don’t mess around with people without manners.
Are there any people that you’d like to give an old fashion hood “Shout Out” to?
– My favorite person on this earth Vianne Robitalle (@visceralantics) and all of the new talent flooding Milwaukee’s creative space. Nothing but love for all of you. Keep going and #DWYD

Amerikas Addiction + K.E. + $killz + DJ Omni @ UW-Milwaukee CAB + Sponsored by RockStar Energy Drink!

Recap of Amerikas Addiction + #DOWHATYOUDESIRE + #DWYD performance at UW-Milwaukee Fireside Lounge. Sponsored by ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK. Featuring $killz + K.E. + DJ OMNI

Featured songs “No $leep” & “P. Diddy” from the upcoming Amerikas Addiction album “13” coming in 2015…

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AmerikasAddictionOfficialFlier1stPicture UWM Milwaukee_12-4-14_social media

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Interview with Model, Writer and Radio Host – Natasha Nafrini

How are you feeling Natasha? How are you feeling today? 

Hello, I am feeling fine and focused. Just been doing some contemplating.

Ok, so the people want to know about you? So, if someone on the street came up to you and asked “What do you do”? What would you say? 

Well, I have a day job in corporate America so during the day I am Coporate Natasha. I am basically a jack of all trades. I do so much lol but my ultimate love is writing. 

I know you are model & personality & radio host and most importantly an entrepreneur! What inspired you to pursue these careers? 

I am a very creative spirit so I love being apart of movements/projects that allow me to freely be creative. It’s also a much needed outlet from the stresses of everyday life.IMG_62247408175693

You talk about dating…so…what do you desire in a man? Or, what should a woman be looking for in a man?

Dating can be fun as long as people have more of an open mind. I like for anyone I’m dating to be spiritual, ambitious with a great sense of humor. It’s truly cool if he’s romantic and spontaneous. There also has to be a good sexual chemistry as great sex with someone I’m into is amazing to me. Given I’m an artsy intellectual, intelligence is sexy to me, and any guy that can stimulate my mind is a keeper.

What are your thoughts on sexuality? Are we a rigid society? Or are we open? What do you think is the best?

I am ok with what others identify themselves as when it comes to sexuality as long as differences are respected. I believe we are slowly becoming more open but are still very rigid when it comes to this issue. I really, honestly think more people should be less consumed with what the next do and worry about their own sexuality and this wouldn’t be such a huge, touchy subject. I’m all about how you treat people, so as long as you’re nice to me and those I love I will be nice to you.

Many people don’t realize how truly driven one has to be, to do a multitude of things such as you. What drives you? Why are you so passionate?

It’s my appreciation for it. I enjoy all that I do and I have met some really cool people along the way and have discovered things about myself I probably wouldn’t have if I had not taken this journey.


We have a way of life called “Do What You Desire”, what does that mean to you? 

For me when I hear this It tells me to live happy! To do what I desire and do what makes me happy! 

Do you have any shout outs? 

I would like to give a shout out to my TDR (Tonedefradio) family. I love them and we are truly a family who’s established a movement in internet radio that is growing. I would also like to shoutout my supporters as I have some who have literally been following me since I started.Where can we check out some of your work Natasha?

People can visit to hear my work as a fellow podcaster. They can also follow me on IG: @IamNafrini and on Twitter: @NatashaNafrini when I keep people up to date on shows and shoots.

@AmerikasAddict Tonic Room Vlog Feat @YoungMogulChi #DWYD

Amerikas Addiction + #DWYD got a chance to link up with the Chicago homie Young Mogul Chi! He just signed on as a brand ambassador with the new Vodka company Kastell Vodka He is also a brand ambassador for Fuck Fame Apparel He is also the CEO of The Committee Music Group @CommMusicGroup. Check out the recap video of his appearance at the legendary Tonic Room in Chicago, IL! Make sure to check him out at! #DWYD #FUCKFAME #KASTELLVODKA Special Shoutout to Shanique aka The PR KILLA – find her on Twitter !


Interview with model Evie

Whats up all!

Josh from #DWYD here! Today, we have a interview with one of best and hardest working independent models in the game. Here name is Evie and she is a beast. She is more than just a pretty face, she puts emotion into her photos. I didn’t ask her the typical questions, “what do you look for in a guy”, I asked her what inspires her to live the DO WHAT YOU DESIRE life. I asked her what drives her. The negative and the positives. So, sit back and get ready to learn what goes on in the mind of Evie. #DWYD

DWYD-28(Photo credit: Brianna Doby)

So, lets jump right in, if someone came up to you on the street and asked, what do you do? What would you say to them?

If someone came up to me and asked me what I do, I would first and fore mostly tell them that I am independent. I work for myself, I am my own boss. That doesn’t mean I don’t have backup plans, I have two college degree’s for a reason. But I enjoy being able to set my own hours, work with who I want to work with, I really don’t think it gets any better than that. I model, I have been blessed enough to do this job, and when I set my heart on something I like it catch fire and burn bright. It is my passion, my job, my hobby, it keeps me sane. What do I do? I hustle, I work hard, I pay the bills, I take care of my family, but most importantly I am loving every minute of my life, and am blessed to have so many people who support what I do.

How did you get into the modeling industry? Its cliche’, but everyone has their own story. So tell us yours…

I actually never thought about modeling as a career choice, growing up I was kind of awkward and to myself, always had anxiety problems. I was always asked by strangers if they could take my picture, (on subways, and trains, when I was traveling) and never really thought anything of it. I knew I looked different, but never knew that would take me where it has now. The first photo shoot I ever agreed to do was for a friend of mine, and it blew up over night. I decided I loved it, and it just took off from there. I would encourage women that find their passion to chase it whole heatedly. And not just women, but anyone for that matter, if you want it, go get it.

1(Photo credit: Derek Ace)

You do some “edgy” shoots/art, what inspires you when you do them? Take us into your mind when you are freezing and half naked. Or in a latex body suit in 100 degree weather?

I have done a LOT of crazy shoots! I have done implied shoots in 0 degree weather, I have done shoots in full latex in 100 degree weather. The important thing to remember is to take breaks! Stay hydrated, know your limits. Passing out on a shoot is never a good thing. The last shoot I had, I was changing in an abandoned hospital that was absolutely freezing cold, I remember thinking to myself “why do I do this stuff”, can’t feel my toes anymore, or my fingers, shaking like I am dancing. But you just do it, you get through it, people around you warm you up, and you bring supplies that keep you alive! And then you see the photos and you know EXACTLY why you did it, they always look amazing. And that is what keeps you going. The passion you have for what you do.

Who are some of your inspirations? Who are some of the models and artists that you have worked with? Desire to work with?

Honestly I am inspired by candid shots, I always have been. There are a lot of people in the industry who are big names, and I try not to watch what they do, I let my inspiration come from people who don’t even know they are being captured. There is nothing more interesting and inspiring than that. Take for instance, the ballerina- so beautiful, is she a model? No, but the way she moves inspires me to move with more grace, or the candid woman smiling- she is having a moment, but it is true, that is what inspires me! I have been privileged enough to work with some very talented people, who have brought out my artistic side, it’s never the same. I love people who push me to my limits, I love feeling like I’ve worked for something, achieving optimal results. If you don’t hurt after the day, you aren’t doing it right, push yourself harder.

2(Photo credit: Chris Moehr)

I think of modeling as an art form. Some people truly don’t realize that it is work. Not to just “pretty” but to convey a message, an emotion. Can you tell us your thoughts about this?

A lot of people don’t realize how hard it is to be a model, when I pose for a picture I make absolutely sure my face, and my hands, and the way my body sits are telling a story. I never want to just be standing there staring into the camera. I want you to be able to look at me and feel something deeper than what is on the outside. “You are so pretty” is nice to hear, but when you get those comments like “you look like you are in pain, going through heartbreak”, or “I can really feel you in this capture”, that’s when it really starts coming together. When you can wear your emotions on the outside. Now does that mean I can never be in a JCPenny catalog? Maybe… but I am okay with that. My entire life has been devoted to art, without it I would feel so empty.

You are big into awareness about domestic violence and woman being abused sexually and emotionally and physically. What has drawn you to that cause that you feel more people need to be aware about?

I went through a very abusive relationship myself that lasted about ten years. I hated myself during that time. I always thought I wasn’t good enough or that everything was my fault. What I didn’t realize at that time was that I am worth more than that. Every single person on this earth deserves respect, and to be loved, and to be treated like a human. I have dedicated years of my life to fight domestic abuse as well, it has been a passion of mine to help women escape the violence they experience at home. To help women who are afraid to help themselves, the silent screamers. I know the nightmare, and you can wake up, you can get away. I currently have two college degrees that pertain to helping victims of domestic abuse, and I will always be passionate about the cause, my fight may be over, but I will continue to fight for those who can’t stand up long enough to fight for themselves. Life is beautiful, children are beautiful, it shouldn’t have to be looked at through shattered glass constantly. Please, if you see someone struggling with this, if you know this is happening to someone you love or know, I encourage you to be their voice, help them, they need it more than you know.

3(Photo credit: Simon Wolak)

We have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or #DWYD. What does that mean to you and your daily hustle?

I am ALL ABOUT that #DWYD life, and the boys who made that logo.

4(Photo credit: Simon Wolak)

Where can we find out about more of your work? Have you been published?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Model Mayhem, Wix, Surreal beauty magazine, Xpressions magazine, Gorgeous girls magazine, gothic beauty magazine,Obscurae Magazine (January issue) , Hopeless Jack Handsome Devil music video (Hopeless love), you can see me in the Reveal the Facade short film (Paradise Lost: Fallen- short film). I am always traveling as well, so maybe you’ll see me in your home state. 😉 I have bookings in Hollywood in December and March, so catch me out there as well!

Any special shout outs you’d like to give?

I want to give a huge shout out to the boys in Amerikas Addiction, as they have been a huge support system for me. I want to give a shout out to my little sister Lauren McNeil in Hollywood California chasing her dreams of becoming a recording artist. You can check her out on YouTube and iTunes and also on Soundcloud (Lauren McNeill). Shout out to my family who help me become a better person on the daily and all people I have had the honor of working in my modeling ventures! You all mean the world to me. Rock N’ Roll!

5(Photo credit: Brian Huth)

Interview with Designer Nico Perez

Whats up all!

Josh from #DWYD here and today we have an interview with one of my new favorite independent clothing designers Nico Perez (Shout out to RuKo photo for putting me onto him)! He makes dope isn! Period. I mean, look at the pictures! I am going to shut up and let you all get to reading the interview! #DWYD #FASHION

What’s popping Nico? How are you feeling today? 
Feeling great making my runs through Los Angeles Fashion District today. Sourcing materials & looking for anything new to gain inspiration from.
Ok, so the people want to know about you? So, if someone on the street came up to you and asked “What do you do”? What would you say?
I would say I design & construct garments, most gearing towards exclusivity.


How did you get into fashion design? Who and what inspired you?
I started to sew after working with another brand for some time. Just out of curiosity and wanting to create independently I purchased a household singer sewing machine for starters.
What inspired me was a brand called OriginalWork based out of NYC. They had handmade matches applied to they’re garments with these wild prints streaming across the shirt front, sleeves, hoodie you name it. I actually got in contact with one of the owners(JaMeek) & he began giving me pointers and mentoring me for quite some time.
How do you feel about style vs. trends? What you think makes something “timeless” vs. a “trend”?
I don’t think it should be viewed as style vs. trends because we all know style doesn’t fade the way trends do century to century. Chuck Taylor for instance doesn’t need to release variations of the shoe every month because the people simply love the clean well presented aesthetic for what it is. Trends tend to manifest and you see multiple brands doing anything to give the people what they “think they want”. There is no individuality left in a brand when its always trying to please others. & the consumers lack individuality as well in return.
Who are some people that you would love to style? 
Definitely at the top of my list Young Jeezy & Ross
Where do you desire to be in the next 3-5 years? (I know it sounds like a job interview lol…but honestly, tell us)!
Within the next 3-5years I plan to still be designing and constructing the garments in-house myself, just with more knowledge of sewing & possibly tapping into painting on my garments like you would a canvas. I plan to branch out of only sewing and stay as experimental as possible
We have a way of life called “Do What You Desire”, what does that mean to you?
Some may see Do What You Desire as a simple self motivating phrase but to me it means the world. Everyday you should question what drives you & stay true to the answer. 

Do you have any shout outs?
Ya shouts to JaMeek for inspiring & mentoring me throughout the past few years. Most people don’t like to share there knowledge and he gave me the boost I needed to get where I am today! SALUTE!
Where can we check out some of your clothing and buy some of your clothing?
I handle most of my orders via phone. My contact number and most recent works are posted on my IG.
Josh from Amerikas Addiction – Hit Me’
Instagram – amerikasaddiction
Twitter – @amerikasaddict


Interview with MUA Gitana V from Brown Sugar Beauty Make Up!

Whats Up all!
Josh here! I hope you all are living that #DOWHATYOUDESIRE life! Today we have an interview with Brown Sugar Beauty Make Up’s own Gitana V! Who is living that life! I have been a fan of her work for some time and I figured it was due time to ask her about her work! So…let her tell you about herelf! #DWYD


Hola Angelica! Most interviews don’t start like this, but how are you feeling today?I’m totally in survival mode right now. I very recently broke up with my ex and its hard when you have to walk away from someone you love… that’s your best friend…  but I’m channeling all of that energy into my makeup and projects that I have lined up. HeARTache at its finest.What would you say to someone if they came up to you on the street and asked, “What do you do”?

I would say “I’m a makeup artist” then drop my round, fluffy blending brush and walk away… lol just kidding. I’ve honestly been blessed enough to have people recognize me on the street, whether I’m in the grocery store or at a bar, people will point and say “You’re the makeup artist!” or “You’re Brown Sugar”. It’s an awesome feeling when people know you for what you love to do and you don’t even have to say it.


So, after working with models and make up artists (MUA) lately for some photo shoot’s I realized the importance of make up, it can really make or break a photo in a sense. Can you tell us what a Make up “Artist” definition is to you?

Oh my goodness, where do I start? To me, a makeup artist is the be all and end all in what you’re trying to accomplish. You can have the couture outfit, amazing hair, the right accessories, but without that finishing touch… its nothing. With that, makeup has become so much more than just eyeliner and lipstick, we have the ability to completely transform a person and give them a whole new attitude, whether it be turning them into a dark and sinister character for a shoot or giving a cancer survivor that bit of confidence she needed to see how already beautiful she was.

How long have you been a MUA? What inspired you to become one?

Officially, it’s been 3 years since I started “Brown Sugar Beauty Makeup”. I’ve always loved makeup, not to “make myself pretty” – I just loved using it and creating different looks, one day I could look like this, the next day I could look like a totally different person. Then friends and family started asking me to do their makeup and I realized that it was not dope LOL as an avid reader, I bought a ton of books and read up on different face and eye shapes, learning the color wheel, contour and highlighting… and with that, it was a wrap. I took something that I loved and ran with it.


To me, a MUA is a creative, very much like a musician or poet. Do you feel the same? Where do you draw your creativity from?

Indeed, just like any other artists I have different outlets that I tap into. Whether it’s being inspired by an album cover, something I’ve seen in a movie, my raw emotions… I just see/feel something and start playing with ideas and turn it into my art.

Where did the name Brown Sugar Beauty Make Up come from?

You know we all lookin for wifen material. A woman that’s fine, smart, classy, but not a snob; hella hella sexy, but not a hoe that’s brown sugar.”… a line from one of my favorite movies, Brown Sugar. Its always stuck with me and when trying to brand myself and what I was about: a woman who was confident, independent, who loves makeup and hip hop; I felt that was it… Brown Sugar.


Is there anyone in particular that you would like to work on? Or work for? Or better yet, work with?

WU-TANG!  WU-TANG!   WU-TANG!   WU-TANG!  WU-TANG!  SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I’m such a huge fan it would be such an honor to work with them on an amazing video concept. Eventually, my goal is to work on a major motion picture for a horror or action film where I’m able to utilize my special fx skills.

Where do you see your career as a MUA in the next 2 years Angelica?

To be honest, I don’t even know where I see myself in 2 days! LOL What I’ve always strived for in anything that I’ve done is to keep on rocking and improving to be the best me. Success doesn’t happen overnight and believe me when I tell you, I’ve put in my dues to work on the projects that I’ve been hired for. Had you told me that I would have worked with actors you’ve seen on the big screen, reality tv stars, or some of my favorite hip hop artists… I wouldn’t have believed you, but I made it happen. Next 2 years, I have no where to go, but up.


We have this motto called “Do What You Desire”, what does this mean to you and your passion as a MUA?

Do what makes me happy, even if that means I’m walking around in special fx makeup with decayed skin and blood all over… its when I’m the happiest! Do What You Desire, it means don’t hold back, don’t limit yourself, you want it – go for it.

Any special shout-outs? 

First and foremost, my city – Milwaukee! I’ve gotten SO much support and love from my family, friends, and complete and total strangers. It’s such a beautiful feeling to know that people believe in what I do and believe in me more than I believe in myself at times.

Rubin Whitmore, the man behind my dreams coming true. I appreciate and adore you.

Foiled Hair Salon, my home away from home <3

Higher Education Records #GetEducated

Where can we find out more about you and see your work at?

My business page on facebook:

Instagram: GitanaV or if you want to be one of the first people to see my work or behind the scene shots add me on Snapchat: gitana-v

Josh from Amerikas Addiction – Hit Me’
Instagram – amerikasaddiction
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Amerikas Addiction Takes Over Summerfest 2K14

Whats Up Everybody!

Now, we know we are lil late with this, but here is the exclusive footage of our 2014 Summerfest Headlining Show which featured US! K.E.! $killz! JR Donato & DJ Omni! This short video was filmed by one of the most talented photographers and videographers we know, Dean aka DXNGXLDXX – you can find out more about his work below.