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Good day Antonette! I always start off every interview with this question, If a stranger walked up to you and asked, “What Do You Do?”, what would you say?

I change lives…I make what once seemed impossible, possible.


Can you tell us how you got into Personal Training? What inspired you to follow this is as your passion?

Ever since I can remember I have been competing in sports and have kept a very busy schedule- Naturally this has had an effect. I was raised to never give 100%, but rather always give 110%.

When I graduated from college we were entering the recession. I can remember a time not so long ago that a job upon graduation was guaranteed- I quickly learned that there are no guarantees in life. I am a firm believer that if you work hard when you are young that your future will be successful.

I was in my senior year of college, taking 21 credits, working 3 jobs, and quickly approaching the real world. That’s when the recession hit, something they don’t prepare you for in college.

I had my shiny Bachelor degrees with nowhere to go. I can remember asking myself, “what truly makes me happy?”.I kept finding myself at the gym to clear my head. As it turns out, my answer was right in front of me all along. I had been an athlete my entire life. There is nothing that I am more passionate about than health, fitness, and helping others to live a healthy lifestyle.  Since that moment I never doubted my decision to pursue a career in health & fitness.


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So, people out there want to know (me included) how do we find the motivation, the drive to be physically fit? What are your methods or philosophy that you use for your clients?

#1) 110% commitment! I can’t want this more than my client- they have to want it. It’s one thing to show up to the gym and go through the motions and it’s another thing to MENTALLY PREPARE YOURSELF for the changes that have to take place.

#2) My motto is, “ You can’t expect change if you continue to do the same thing”

#3) Stay positive and have fun with it! Our bodies are smart- If you are bored during your workouts then your muscles are bored too. That’s when you stop seeing results. Have fun, after all this is YOUR time. If you need help getting started come in for a free consult, I’d be happy to help!

#4) Love your body! We tend to be our worst critics. When you look in the mirror, give yourself a compliment. Often times we are quick to see our “flaws” and focus too heavily on what we don’t like.

#5) KEEP TRACK of your workouts; your reps, your loads, and the time of completion.

After a few weeks or months, pull out a workout that you previously recorded and try to beat it… Focus on the “now”, not the “where you think you should be”. Sometimes that can be overwhelming. One day at a time…focus on that 1 goal that you set. Once you have achieved that goal, then get ready to set a new one…and keep going 🙂


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I am not an expert, nor do I have a six pack, but I believe mental toughness and tenacity is a big part of everything we do in life. How important is it in achieving personal fitness goals?

“mental toughness”- many times we are our own bully or worst enemy. Be positive!

If you set a goal thinking that there’s no way you can achieve that, then you are just setting yourself to fail. Write down your goal and make it concrete- then make a plan of attack!

It’s not until then your goal becomes real. Our society is fixated on instant gratification- There are no shortcuts in life, there are goals that need to be set and choices that need to be made. Keep track of your progress along the way. This way you can continue to see how far you have come. There will be ‘slip ups’ from time to time and it’s important to realize that is okay.


Pain is a part of life, and as they say, “no pain no gain” so I can imagine you have experienced your share of pain and success. Can you tell us and potential clients about a time you overcame and achieved a goal in your life?

When I graduated high school it’s safe to say  that I didn’t have a plan going into college. I followed in my mother’s footsteps and  was highly encouraged to pursue advertising/design. It was very difficult to inform my parents that their dream for me was no longer my dream.

I have a wonderful family, who has always encouraged me to chase my dreams- However, my new career path came to them as a complete shock. Over time they came around and learned to trust, and believe in my new quest. This drove me to where I am today…I knew I was taking a big risk starting over and taking an entirely different career path…it was time to prove myself.

To answer your question, starting over was painful, but so rewarding! Totally worth it!


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We a have a mantra, “Do What You Desire” or simply “#DWYD”. Can you explain how that applies to you and what you do?

“Desire: to strongly wish for or want something”

I have always been a strong believer that if you want something bad enough you will make it happen. I told myself at a very young age that I wouldn’t settle for working a job that didn’t make me happy…I wanted my own gym, a positive, healthy environment where like-minded people could gather together and cheer each other on…so I made it happen…you only fail in life if you give up…and I’m not a quitter.


How can we find out more about you and what you do? Websites? Facebook? Twitter?

We just finished our website,, which ended up being a much bigger project than anticipated, but well worth it! I would like to give a big shout out to my web designer, Justin Staples of JS Interactive….Justin and his team are amazing to work with. As a new business owner, hiring JS Interactive was the best decision I made!

You can also find RaceStart Training on:

Or visit us inside of the Lincoln Warehouse, 2018 S.1st Street #305 Bay View, WI 53207


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Are there any last words of advice that you’d like to share with anyone reading?

Move more, sit less ;)…

I feel that as we get older our natural tendency is to put everyone else before taking care of ourselves. Ask yourself the question, “ How can I keep up with my kids or live my life to it’s fullest if I’m not healthy?”

I strongly believe that fitness if the best medicine…

If you are ready and committed  to make a positive change in your life, please visit RaceStart Training. Contact Antonette Race, founder of RS, at #262-497-1844. Let us help support and encourage you during this exciting time!

Your body will thank you!”


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